The cities of Marshall, Longview and Tyler were awarded $1,136,436 in federal grants to help recover from the economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak, U.S. Senator John Cornyn announced Friday.

The funding, which was appropriated by congress last month, comes through the Department of Housing and Urban Development as part of the CARES Act.

“The coronavirus outbreak has hit Texans hard, and as much as we can protect each other from its effects, we must,” said Sen. Cornyn. “I’m grateful to the Trump Administration for making economic recovery in East Texas a high priority during the outbreak.”

Marshall will receive $212,544, Longview will receive $409,551 and Tyler will receive $514,341.

This grant may be used for a range of eligible activities that prevent and respond to the spread of COVID-19, such as: public testing; providing equipment; delivering meals; training health care workers; constructing a facility for testing, diagnosis, or treatment; improving or re-purposing an existing facility for the use of housing or treating patients; and providing grants or loans to support businesses in creating jobs and manufacturing medical supplies necessary to respond to the disease.

Wes Morrison the city Community and Economic Development Director, said that Marshall was notified March 2 by Senator Cronyn’s office that they would receive approximately $212,000 from the stimulus package by the end of April.

“Staff is exploring various ways to utilize these funds to maximize the benefit to the overall community and hope to present something to the City Commission at a future meeting,” Morrison said.

The city will host it’s next virtual city commissioners meeting Thursday this week. See the attached story for more information on how to attend the virtual meeting.