Pictured are Marshall Regional Arts Council President Kristal Jeans and Optimist Janie Moore. The optimists club is sponsoring this year’s Mini Monet art show, set for Thursday, April 22.

The Marshall Regional Arts Council is gearing up for the showcase of its annual Mini Monet children’s art show and competition, which will be hosted April 22, at the Marshall Place Gallery.

From 5 to 7 p.m. next Thursday, students from participating local schools will have their art on display at the gallery, for the third time since the project began.

The event is open and free to the public, and will also host a signup sheet for the organizations upcoming Summer Art Camp, scheduled for the July and August.

President of the MRAC Kristal Jeans said that she began the project four years ago with then secretary Alaina Jones, when they got the idea to showcase local art done by K through 12th grade students.

The project was brought before the MRAC board and approved, and that was when Jeans said that Mini Monet was born.

“What sets Mini Monet apart from other student art showcases is it’s age limit,” Jeans said. “Mini Monet is a kindergarten through 12th grade show.”

Each year the location for the show has changed, with the Michelson Museum of Art hosting the first event, Carthage high school hosting the second and the third cancelled last year due to COVID-19

“With the help of local artists, teachers, community and the MRAC board volunteers Mini Monet has been a great success,” Jeans said.

This year the local Optimists Club has sponsored the annual event, and will be offering an optimist club award during the event, which will be chosen by club members.

“MRAC is honored to have the sponsorship for such a wonderful event, reflective of values and ideals MRAC also promotes. Mini Monet represents an effort for continued interest in the arts for future generations in this rapidly ever evolving technological world we currently live,” Jeans said.

MRAC has been providing arts in humanity to the area for 42 years. With the help of the Texas Commission on the Arts, MRAC has been providing art, theater and music programs to the Harrison, Marion and Panola school districts for decades.

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