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Mega Bites Sliders Co. spends its afternoon serving food in the parking lot at Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall.

The Marshall City Council voted to table an amendment to the city’s 13A Food and Food Establishment Code of Ordinances that would have allowed mobile food vendors to operate in downtown Marshall at their Thursday meeting.

The item was tabled without a vote of approval from council due to a request from councilmember Amanda Abraham for clarification on the wording of the ordinance’s time restrictions for operating downtown.

Community and Economic Development Director Garnett Johnson presented on the item to council during the meeting, showcasing a number of changes to the current ordinance.

The largest change is the lifting of the restriction stopping mobile food vendors from operating within Marshall’s downtown, which is defined in the ordinance as north of Travis Street, south of Grand Avenue (U.S. 80), east of Grove Street and west of Alamo Boulevard.

Johnson said that the amendment was inspired by a number of comments that Main Street received requesting that food trucks be allowed to operate in downtown, especially during event such as Wonderland of Lights and other festivals hosted in the area.

The proposed amendment also removed the restrictions that vendors do not operate on a public street in one location for more than 30 minutes, and removed the restriction that mobile food vendors are not allowed to operate more than five consecutive days in one location.

Certain requirements of the original ordinance, including that a mobile food vendor not operate more than 10 hours in one location a day, are still in affect with the new proposal.

No changes were proposed by council to the amendment, though cleaner wording regarding which public parking spaces in downtown and the rest of the city are free to be used by vendors and for what times was requested before the ordinance be presented again.

During the citizens comment section of the meeting, community member Veronique Ramirez addressed council in favor of approval of the ordinance.

Ramirez stated she approved of the changes being requested in the new amendment, and stated that she believed it was a step forward for Marshall to help attract investors and increase foot traffic in downtown.

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