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All Marshall ISD campuses will conduct virtual learning on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week as the district and surrounding area continue to work back to full strength following last week's historic winter storms.

The city issued a Declaration of Local State of Emergency on Monday regarding the city's water status, which also includes a Boil Water Notice. Many of MISD's campuses still do not have access to running water, and currently the city advises that no water be used unless it has been boiled vigorously for at least two minutes [see Emergency Declaration below].

The district will continue to monitor and assess the water supply on Wednesday before making an announcement regarding school schedules on Thursday.

MISD is also making drive-through lunches and breakfast available to students on the days of virtual learning, similar to the process used during last year's COVID-19 shutdown. Students may pick up lunch and the following day's breakfast at designated locations at Marshall Junior High, Price T. Young Elementary or David Crockett Elementary starting Tuesday from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. The meals are for pick-up only; there will be no deliveries.

Parents and students are requested to contact their teacher or campus administration via e-mail if there are any questions regarding assignments or the virtual learning process.

Below is the text of Monday's Declaration by the city of Marshall:


On Monday, February 22, 2021, ten million Texans are still waking up without safe drinking water due to the unprecedented winter storm last week. The City of Marshall Public Works Department reports progress in our water plant's pressure as we see improvements each day since the storm began on Sunday, February 14, 2021. At this time, there is no way to predict accurately when the City of Marshall will experience full water pressure, but we are seeing the benefit of the many line repairs that have been made.

In response to issues with the Marshall water system, Marshall Fire Department Chief Reggie Cooper, as Emergency Management Director, has declared a local state of emergency pursuant to Marshall Code of Ordinances 9A.2, Sections 3-4. Under these sections, the Emergency Management Director must issue regulations, proclamations, or directives necessary to carry out the Emergency Management Plan. At this time, Chief Cooper has ordered and directed all car washes within the city limits to cease operation until further order. The Emergency Order also directs that all restaurants within the city limits shall use disposable paper plates, utensils, and cups to conserve water and, restaurants, convenience stores, and food service industries shall not utilize fountain drinks unless they have an on-site filtration system. Under Section 9A-8 Section D, the penalty for violations of Emergency Management provisions addressed above, may be a fine not to exceed $1,000 upon conviction. Unless extended by consent of the Marshall City Council, Chief Cooper's order will expire the seventh day after issuance, being March 1, 2021.

Overnight, citizens reported new leaks in addition to the eight repairs made over the weekend and the two repairs scheduled for today. We continue to request citizens to be vigilant at this time. Citizens have been asked to contact the Public Works Department if they see a water leak, if your home or business is still experiencing no water, low water pressure, or if your situation has improved. We need this information to help narrow the problem areas in the city. Please contact the Public Works Department at (903) 935-4487. If the line is busy, please call again.

The city of Marshall remains under a city-wide Boil Water Notice as a precautionary measure per the State of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The City of Marshall would like to remind all citizens to continue to boil water vigorously for two minutes before consumption. Currently, we ask those with water to assist other citizens in need. Citizens who have water are asked to conserve water and refrain from activities that require large amounts of water.

Waskom ISD is on winter break this week. Harleton ISD is set to return to school on Tuesday with no delayed start but caution is to be used by buses on county roads. 

Karnack ISD will remain closed on Tuesday, Feb. 23 due to low water pressure but is set to return to campus on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at regular time. 

Elysian Fields ISD said they were dealing with continued issues with water leaks in and around the district that needed to be repaired. The district will be closed to all instruction Tuesday but will resume virtual instruction Wednesday through Friday.

Teachers and staff will report to work on Tuesday for planning purposes for the rest of the week, the district said. 

"We will re-evaluate the situation over the weekend to make a determination on whether or not in-person school can resume as normal next week," the district said. "Thank you all for your patience as we continue to tackle all the challenges that have been thrown at us this school year."

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