A new El Taco, at 5120 East End Boulevard South, is planning to open in Marshall by the end of the month.

Manager of the new location Salvador Hoizar said that this is the first location this company is opening in Texas.

“We are very excited, there are a lot of big opportunities here in Marshall and it was a great place to open,” he said.

The plans to open the new restaurant began before the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, and since the virus outbreak Hoizar said that the grand opening has been delayed by months.

Hoizar and restaurant owner Rodolfo Vargas both said that they hope to host a grand opening this Friday, but are still unsure whether or not it will need to be delayed further.

Whenever they open, Hoizar said that the staff is excited to open and starting serving the community their authentic Mexican food.

He said that the restaurant is known for its fajitas, margaritas, and its traditionally made meals.

“We have very reasonable prices,” Hoizar said. “You get a lot of food and it is inexpensive.”

He said that the location is excited to open up in Texas, and looks forward to meeting the community.

“We are excited to greet the people of Marshall. We have heard that people in Texas are very nice,” he said.