Trash service canceled for Friday

As Republic Services continues dealing with this historic winter storm in East Texas, they have no choice but to again postpone trash routes for Friday due to unsafe road and residential street conditions.

Republic Services will not jeopardize the safety of employees and citizens.

"Please understand that getting further behind is not what we want at all but will make every effort to get caught up and remove the waste off the curb and into the landfill as quick as possible," the company released in a statement. "Therefore, our optimistic goal is to begin regularly scheduled trash only routes Monday and all curbside recycle and bulk pick up will be suspended until the following week."

This plan allows the company to utilize the extra labor and trucks to remove the excess volume of trash from the curb quicker and not run out of hours allowed by law.

"Thank you to our citizens for your understanding in this unprecedented weather issue," they said. 

Stay off the roads, HCSO advises

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and TxDOT encourage Harrison County citizens to please stay off the roadways and not put yourself, or others, in danger. The roadways are very dangerous with the slush that is forming on major thoroughfares.

TxDOT is making as many passes as they can with sanding and chemical treatments to help major areas. However, side roads and county roads are going to be very dangerous due to some slight thawing and re-freezing. This will be a several day process to completely clear all roads.

Harrison County Sheriff states “Please stay home if you are able to do that. This incredible winter storm has caused many home water pipe emergencies and municipal water problems as we as vehicle crashes. This will pass within a few days and we can look back on it. Don’t’ put yourself in a dangerous situation that may be avoided by simply staying off of the roadways."

City presents update, boil water notice continues

Due to the extraordinary winter weather and dangerous road conditions, the city is urging citizens to stay off the roads and venture out only in an emergency.

On Wednesday, Feb.17, the city of Marshall issued a city-wide Boil Water Notice as a precautionary measure per the State of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). TCEQ requires a boil notice as a precautionary measure when the pressure in the distribution system drops.

Currently, Marshall Public Works crews are aware of a few leaks in service lines, but pressure problems are primarily attributed to the significant demand for water. The city would like to remind all citizens to conserve water and boil water vigorously for two minutes before consumption.

The city's water plant operators are doing everything possible to keep up with the current demand under the most challenging situation. Still, the city is also asking citizens to refrain from activities that require large amounts of water. As temperatures will be warming above 20 degrees today, individuals may elect to turn off dripping faucets during the daytime hours to conserve water. However, the city will evaluate evening temperatures as we determine if dripping faucets would be a recommendation for tonight.

On the evening of Feb. 17, three residents utilized Marshall’s temporary cold-weather shelter in the Community Room at Fire Station No. 1. The shelter is open to serve at 601 S. Grove Street across from City Park.

The essential staff of the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works Department, and the City Manager are working in city facilities on Thursday, Feb. 18. Other city employees are working from home to continue the operation of the city's local government. City Hall and other buildings will remain closed.

"We appreciate your continued assistance, and together we will continue to maneuver our way through this unprecedented weather occurrence," city officials said.

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