The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office made two arrests Friday for theft of building material, related to items stolen at a construction site.

Arrested were Dany Alvarez and Josefina Martinez, 34, of Longview.

“Harrison County Sheriff’s deputies answered a call on Maple Springs Road in Longview city limits of a theft in progress at a construction site,” HCSO officials explained in a press release.

“The builder and owner of the material was alerted to the theft by a camera at the location and was observing the theft, as it was occurring, and identified the vehicle and its occupants,” HCSO officials said.

Upon being notified, HCSO deputies, with the assistance of Hallsville Police Department, located a vehicle matching the description and made a traffic stop of the vehicle.

While the driver claimed he had been told it was OK for him to get the lumber and materials, the builder stated he had not given anyone permission to remove the materials.

“An arrest was made of the driver and the passenger was also arrested for an outstanding warrant from Gregg County,” HCSO officials noted. “After the arrest, and incidental to the impounding of the vehicle, deputies located what appeared to be a narcotic substance in a clear baggie in the vehicle.

“After Investigators recovered the video and as the alleged suspects were interviewed, it was discovered that there had been several other thefts of materials from building sites,” HCSO officials advised.

As a result, investigators recovered numerous items in Gregg County and locations in Harrison County that were taken during this and other thefts.

“This is another example of the great work that is done with the return of property to the rightful owners,” said Sheriff Brandon “BJ” Fletcher.

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