The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is asking for the public’s help in the investigation into the homicide of a woman found in a floating container in the Kentucky Lake.

Jeffery Rogers has been charged with disposing of the bin.

He drove from Texas into Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky on Wednesday, June 17 in a 2017 white Dodge Ram pickup truck with a camper top over the truck bed.

Rogers drove I-30 through Texas into Arkansas then took I-40 into Tennessee before driving into Kentucky. A female, who was not the victim, was riding with him. Texas license plate: LFJ•7985. He was wearing a green t-shirt with the Star Wars character Yoda on the front and shorts. He also has a longer piece of hair in the back, commonly called a rat tail.

If you saw Rogers at a gas station, convenience store, or any stop between Texas and Kentucky on Wednesday, June 17th, you could have the information investigators need. Call 1-800-TBI-FIND to help.

The TBI is working with the Texas Rangers, Kentucky State Police, and Arkansas State Police in the search for justice for this victim.

Arrests made by the Marshall Police Department

Jacarrion DeJuan Green, 18, of Marshall was arrested June 24 on charges of riot participation.

John Sanders, 35, of Marshall was arrested June 24 on charges of assault causing bodily injury.

Arrests made by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office

Troy Gregory Frasier was arrested June 24 on charges of injury to a child/elderly/disabled person reckless bodily injury.

Christopher Jake Sellers was arrested June 24 on violation of probation/ abandon endanger child criminal negligence.

No incidents were reported in the past 24 hours by MPD or the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.