Now under new ownership, Raw Iron Gym in Marshall has expanded what it offers; now making the 24 hour gym a one stop shop for those looking to make getting healthy their New Year resolution.

New owner James Flint bought the business is November this year, and has been working since then to expand the equipment and classes offered at the gym.

Flint said that along with the construction of a new office and supplement shop area to the building, he has been working to continually add new equipment.

“We are always adding and expanding, I am constantly trying to bring more equipment into here,” Flint said. “We actually have eight new cycling bikes on their way in now.”

He said that the biggest thing, above all else this year, has been cleanliness, hiring someone to come in and clean the gym three times a week.

Additionally, along with his fiancée, Jessica Hamilton, who is a registered nutritionist, they have worked to create a health and supplement shop out of the gym that offers unique products at reasonable prices.

Flint said that they offer products from brands that would not be offered at a regular GNC store.

“We wanted to find a way to make it at a reasonable price, and if we are buying directly from wholesale we can offer things that other places can’t,” Flint said.

Additionally, the gym offers cycling and hit classes that are only $5 per class or $15 per month, with unlimited classes.

A gym membership is also only $25 per month, with a special running through the month of January for sign up at just $1.

Flint added that a monthly membership, without a contract, includes access to all classes and to the gyms, tanning booth, 24/7.

“We try to be a place where people can come, relax, and get a good work out in,” he said. “We keep a very nonjudgmental atmosphere, and we like to keep it that way.”

Flint said that the gym is always running a new special every month, as well as offering discounts to local first responders and to college students.

For more information on Raw Iron Gym in Marshall go to the groups Facebook page at or visit the gym at 2502 S Washington Ave.

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