A number of Marshall citizens have expressed concerns over sewage water backing up into and flooding their Scenic Loop homes.

Jordan Moore and Lauren Jeans said that their sewage backs up about every three months.

“We have to call out the plumber, and he always says that it’s on the city side, so every couple of months I am calling the city to have them come out and fix it,” Moore said.

Moore has lived on Scenic Loop since November of 2017 with her two children and husband, Forrest Moore.

She said that her floors flooded for the first time around Christmas that year, and since then every three months or so it floods again — the tub and toilets in her house are flooded with sewage water, along with her floors.

“It’s so sad, I say I’m grateful for the sliding glass doors on my tub because I can shut them and keep the water from getting into the rest of my bathroom,” Moore said.

Because of the water issues, Moore said she also has mold growing in her home, though she said an inspector from the city said it was not toxic.

Jeans has had similar problems since she moved into her Scenic Loop house in September of last year. She said that since that time, it has flooded at least four times, forcing her to replace her floors.

Jeans said she has also had to pay out of pocket for a plumber to come to her house each time to evaluate the problem at a cost of at least $250 per time.

She said she was also told the last time it occurred that she needed to pay out of pocket for a plumber to install a new piece to fix it, even though the issue was on the city side.

Moore said that she has been told by the city that the issue is caused by her sewer trap needing to be cleaned out — and once she was told it was full of grease, which caused it to back up.

Chris Miles, Assistant Director of Public Works, said that he did not have enough information on the issue to comment at this time. He did, however, set up a meeting with the News Messenger for Thursday this week.

“I am just worried for my kids,” Moore said, “I have two children under 2, and I get worried about them getting sick, and my house always smells when it happens. It’s embarrassing and I feel like there is nothing I can do.”

Jeans also has a child under 5 years and worries about their health.

“Every time I leave the house, I get worried that I am going to come home to it completely flooded,” Jeans said.