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Local candidates in the Harrison County sheriff’s race for the Nov. 3 General Election have announced their choice of chief deputy, if elected.

Republican candidate, Brandon “BJ” Fletcher, has selected Hall Reavis, who is currently the chief investigator at the Gregg County District Attorney’s Office. Democratic candidate, George Gill, has chosen recently retired Department of Public Safety sergeant Terence Helton.

“Terence Helton is a retired DPS trooper after 33 years,” said Gill, a longtime Marshall police officer. “What made me choose him is he had a good background. Where he worked, he was a supervisor a long time ago for the DPS. I like how he handled his guys when he spoke with them; he’s very understanding and he’ll listen to you.

“He’s like a laid back person, but always had a positive answer for you,” Gill continued. “So I called him on the phone and I asked him, and he said: ‘Man, I’d be more than happy.’”

Likewise, Reavis was happy to support Fletcher in his campaign for sheriff.

“As a sheriff, one of the hardest decisions is picking the chief deputy,” said Fletcher, who is currently the chief deputy for HCSO.

“This position is the person that will help you lead the department,” said Fletcher. “I’m honored that Hall Reavis has accepted the position as chief deputy, starting January 2021.”

Fletcher noted that Reavis graduated from Sam Houston State University with a bachelor’s of science degree in law enforcement and police science.

Reavis began his career at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office and spent many years as chief investigator in the Harrison County District Attorney’s office before his current chief investigator role in Gregg County.

“Hall is highly respected in the law enforcement community,” said Fletcher. “He has been instrumental in the investigation, prosecution and conviction of countless violent offenders and helped prepare multiple capital murder cases. He also helped organize one of our county’s first drug task forces.

“Hall has a lot to offer the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, and I am proud to have him on my side,” said Fletcher.

Gill is also proud to have Helton by his side. After attending Wiley College, Helton joined DPS in 1986, reporting to his first duty station in Canton.

Throughout his career, Helton worked at various duty sites, including Longview and Center, and ultimately returned home to District 1B, where he retired as sergeant, overseeing the Harrison and Panola County locations.

“He’s a well known person and highly respected,” Gill said of his chief deputy-elect.

“We sat down and we talked about it, and we were talking about the changes we can make for the positive way,” Gill continued. “I picked him because you got 33 years of law enforcement, you’re experienced in dealing with people, you’ve been a supervisor, and you know how the system works. I’ve been in this thing for 23 years, so you got some well experienced guys that are going to run the department in a positive way.”

Gill said he will formally make his announcement for Helton this Saturday, Sept. 26, at a meet-and-greet cookout, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Lion’s Community Center, located at 1201 Louisiana St., in Marshall.

“We’ll let everybody get a chance to meet myself and him,” said Gill, noting the event is open to the public and will include free food, voter registration forms, children activities, and gospel singing. The duo will also entertain questions.

Fletcher and his team will be in Harleton this Saturday for a meet-and-greet, at “Wright on Taco”, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Each Saturday, our ‘Meet the Candidate’ booth moves to a new place,” said Fletcher, noting he advertises the locations on the radio and on his Facebook campaign page, “BJ Fletcher for Sheriff”.

Last week, Fletcher met with constituents in Waskom.

“This Saturday, we have teamed up with ‘Wright on Taco’ in Harleton for a meet-and-greet with tacos,” said Fletcher. “Please come out and see us, grab a taco, ask some questions and get a yard sign.”