Sister seeks answers after Marshall man missing 14 years

Frederick Joseph "Little Joe" Boehm

Sunday marks 14 years without answers for Jolene Oney.

In 2001, her brother, Frederick Joseph "Little Joe" Boehm, disappeared while walking down Victory Drive at night.

Since then, Oney hasn't received any substantial information or leads as to what happened to him.

"I never thought it would be this long, and you know that saying people always say, 'I never thought it would happen to me,'" she said.

Boehm was 23 when he disappeared. He was dressed and ready for bed when he received a phone call around 11 p.m. or midnight that drew him out of the house he shared with roommate Coley Briggs and his girlfriend.

"He got the phone call, got in his boots and jeans and that grey shirt and camo jacket and took off walking coming towards town from Victory (Drive) and just disappeared into thin air. After that, no one wants to say what happened," Oney said.

Oney said she doesn't care about the details of what happened that night, she just wants to bury her brother's remains with their parents.

"I don't care who did something, if it was bodily harm, I don't care about that because God has their number. I just need Little Joe," she said. "I need his remains so I can put him with Mama and Daddy."

Described as quiet, kindhearted and reliable, Boehm never got to see his nephew, Kenneth, grow up and get married.

Oney said she's accepted the fact that her brother is most likely dead.

"I know he's probably gone, but I just need to close it," she said. "Every time I see a homeless person or if someone's by the road, I break my neck to see if it's him, but in all reality, I know he's probably gone.

"I want Little Joe so I can put him to rest.."

Anyone with any information should call Lt. Patrick Clayton with the Marshall Police Department at (903) 935-4546 or leave an anonymous tip with Crimestoppers at (903) 935-9969.

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