The historic home of former Wiley College President M.W. Dogan burned down Feb. 9 after a structure fire occurred in the home.

According to Marshall Fire Chief Reggie Cooper the fire had completely engulfed the single story residential home by the time fire engine crews arrived at the scene.

“Fire crews began a defensive attack in order to extinguish the fire. After several hours, the fire was controlled and extinguished,” Cooper said.

He explained that the building then subsequently collapsed due to the fire damage.

The home was vacant prior to the incident and no injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated by the Marshall Fire Marshal’s office.

Julia Williams previously with the Historic Landmark Preservation Board said that the home was constructed by plantation owner William Hill Carter before the Civil War.

After Dogan’s retirement in 1942 Williams said that he purchased the home, and his family continued to live in the residence for generations.

The last person to live in the home was Forest Shelton Luther, who passed away in December 2012.