The local chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas hosted a guest speaker last night to address new ways of looking at the story of Texas’s independence.

Bryan McAuley, site manager of San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, gave a talk titled “Keeping the Flame Lit – Expanding our Vision of the Texas Revolution” to the community members gathered at the event.

“The plan is to take these historical sites, which are utilized largely right now as memorials, and modernize them and connect them to tell the full story of Texas independence,” McAuley said.

He spoke to about 12 community members gathered at Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant for the meeting.

During the presentation, McAuley discussed the connections between Texas historical sites and how the same people were a part of each site’s history.

He emphasized that this fact is often overlooked — and how these sites would benefit from making these connections.

McAuley also gave the history of his site, the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, and how it connects to many other major historical locations. {/span}

He discussed taking fresh looks at these locations and continuing research into their history.

“We need to keep asking questions, and keep asking better questions,” McAuley said.

He also briefly touched on the Texas General Land Office’s plans to {span}change the Alamo and surrounding grounds in the “Alamo Plan,” which is expected to be completed in 2024. Though McAuley does not work with the office, he was able to hear a detailed account of the plan by one of it’s representatives.

“McAuley has a wealth of knowledge about Texas history and how the events at the Alamo relate to events at other historical sites,” Sons of Republic Texas Chapter President Sam Moseley said.

Moseley also emphasized that the organization is always looking for new members.

Any man who is a direct lineal descendant of a resident of the Republic of Texas prior to February 19, 1846 is eligible for membership.

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