Texas Eastern 911 Network has bestowed the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office with another substantial donation, to the tune of $120,000.

“We participate in the Texas Eastern 911, the folks who handle our 911 program here for the county and they have given this donation back to help our sheriff’s office, specifically our dispatch room that we’re in the process of upgrading now,” County Judge Chad Sims said.

The Harrison County Commissioners Court accepted the $120,000 gift at its most recent meeting. Pct. 1 Commissioner William Hatfield thanked all who were involved in making the $120,000 donation possible for the county.

“I’d like to thank (Pct. 4) Commissioner (Jay) Ebarb. Although Commissioner Ebarb does not sit on that board, he was instrumental in getting this pushed through,” said Hatfield.

“Former Commissioner of Precinct 3, Mr. James Greer, still serves on that board; and for us to receive a $120,000 gift like that I’d like to thank everybody that was involved on that,” said Hatfield.

Judge Sims echoed his sentiments, expounding how appreciative the county is.

The 911 agency previously gifted the sheriff’s office with a $30,000 donation, back in May. Deputy Dwight Mays with the sheriff’s office explained at the time that the money comes from a 50 cents fee found on phone bills.

“On your phone bill … also your cell phones now, you have a 50 cent per month charge for 911 service, Texas Eastern 911 service — both us and Rusk County and the police departments there,” Mays said previously. “That money is what they use to purchase any of the 911 equipment, all the work it takes to manage that system.”

According to the Network’s website, texaseastern911.org, the emergency communications district covers Rusk and Harrison counties.

“Texas Eastern 9-1-1 Network is honored to provide the advanced technology to four public service answering points (PSAPs) in Rusk and Harrison Counties,” the website states, noting the PSAPs are located at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, Henderson Police Department, Marshall Police Department and Rusk County Sheriff’s Office.

Mays noted before that the 911 Network experiences a surplus every couple of years, and use it to give back to the communications departments it serves.

He noted previously that the agency approached the sheriff’s office last fall to gauge their needs. The agency subsequently followed up with the monetary gifts to be used to improve communications in the dispatch office.