“Diamond Don” Rainey, who owns several businesses and tourist hot-spots in historic Jefferson, will host thousands of visitors at his RV Park as they attend the 17th Annual AHRMA Riverport International Vintage Motocross.

The event has more than 1,000 competitors and more than 3,000 total attendees, making Rainey’s RV Park population this week larger than the town of Jefferson’s normal population.

“This is the Woodstock of vintage motocross,” Rainey said on Thursday. “People started coming in on Monday and ever since then, it’s just been a sea of people.”

The thousands of fans and racers have traveled from across the U.S. and eight other countries to attend Rainey’s event, which is the largest vintage motocross event in the world.

Several world and national champion racers are present at the event this week, in addition to Rainey who himself is a noted legend and promoter of the sport, including Brad Lackey, Trampas Parker, Gary Chaplin and Terry Cunningham.

“People come here for the spirit, the camaraderie,” Chaplin said of the Jefferson event. “We share a lot of joyous memories from the greatest era of motocross.”

Vintage Motocross, or the “greatest era of motocross,” is considered the period of the sport after the end of World War II to the mid-1970s.

“It’s all about natural terrain,” Rainey said. “We have the vintage motocross on Saturday and post-vintage motocross on Sunday. It really makes your adrenaline rush just watching these guys race — they don’t back off.”

Rainey said the event includes four disciplines: trials, cross country, vintage motocross and post-vintage motocross.

Different activities are held on site each day for guests, including a charity golf event, live band and party, tailgate and dinner.

“The reason this is the largest vintage motocross event in the world is because of Jefferson,” Rainey said on Thursday. “This little town, people from all over just love it. They can come here for the motocross, but also go in town to eat and shop.”

Those interested in checking out the vintage motocross event can visit Rainey’s website www.diamonddonempire.com/diamond-don-racing/ for more information on schedules, tickets and RV parking.