The youth minister at Trinity Episcopal Church is big on mission trips.

Since she’s been there, they have gone on mission trips to St. Louis to work the intercity, southeast Texas to help with flood relief, New Orleans to minister to the homeless and Baton Rouge to restore a daycare for the underprivileged after it was destroyed by flooding.

Trinity’s mission trips were cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 but that didn’t stop them from serving this summer right here in their own community.

During their mission week, the youth helped those at Carver Community Center cleaning, planting, and landscaping the front entrance. Carver Community Center is formally the George Washing Carver Elementary School on Holland St. in Marshall.

They are a privately owned Christian community center whose mission is to serve the surrounding community. CCC distributed personal protective equipment in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and diapers to mothers of young children.

They have meals available for kids during the summer, free coding classes for youth and plan to expand their program to include a museum, after school programs and many more activities for both youth and senior citizens.

Trinity Episcopal Youth also worked at Mission Marshall packing food boxes for nursing homes, taking food out to vehicles, organizing shelves, and packing and storing food for those needing assistance at the food pantry.

Next, the youth of Trinity Episcopal Church worked a My Friend’s House. The youth spent their time cutting tree branches and clearing brush from the newly paved road leading to their thrift store. My Friend’s House offers a shower and a washer and dryer for our homeless population.

They offer a place to sleep and a warm welcome to those in need. This ministry is supported in part by the well-stocked thrift store that helps take care of the basic needs of the homeless.

Lastly, the youth at Trinity Episcopal Church gave back to the church that loves and supports them by cleaning up the garden area and making it beautiful after a long winter.

“The Covid pandemic has caused all of us to make changes in our lives and how we operate as individuals and groups. But, in the midst of all the bad, there is also some good. The Marshall community benefited from a youth group that wasn’t able to leave home,” said Rae Dickson with the group, “Mission work is needed, everywhere, but let us not forget our own neighbors! Mission Week for Trinity Episcopal Youth was such a success and blessing that they plan to do it every year in addition to their out of state trips.”

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