Police at Tyler Junior College late Wednesday morning after a campus officer shot a person threatening an employee.

The person who was shot by a Tyler Junior College officer after allegedly threatening a staff member has died tonight.

According to a release from the college, "The individual is identified as Pedro Martinez, Jr., age 66, of Tyler. The TJC police officer called for EMS and provided first aid. The suspect was taken to a local hospital where he later died."

The release continued, "An incident took place this morning on the 1000 block of Baxter Avenue involving a TJC police officer. The officer responded to an incident in which a College employee was threatened by an individual brandishing a weapon. The individual pointed the weapon at the officer and the officer fired a service weapon to stop the threat.

This was an isolated incident and it was immediately determined that there was no additional risk posed to the College community. No bystanders or students were involved in the incident. At the request of the TJC Police department, the Texas Rangers are investigating the incident. The investigation is ongoing and no further information is available for release at this time."

Here is the original story from our sister paper, the Tyler Morning Telegraph today: 

Texas Rangers are leading an investigation following a shooting at Tyler Junior College late Wednesday morning involving a campus officer and a person threatening an employee.

During a news conference, TJC Police Chief Michael Seale said an officer came upon a person threatening an employee with a weapon across the street from the TJC police station in the 1000 block of South Baxter Ave.

Seale said the officer engaged with the person accused of threatening the employee, and the suspect was shot. Both motive of the suspect and their condition is unknown.

"At this time, the Texas Rangers will be taking lead on the investigation," Seale said.

No other information about the person is being released at this time.

Tyler Police Department Public Information Officer Andy Erbaugh said the Texas Rangers are called to assist small agencies, such as the TJC police, in investigations.

The incident was reported sometime after 10 a.m. and TJC sent out an official message at about 11:30 a.m. saying the "situation is under control and pending further investigation."

Erbaugh said there is evidence the person did have a gun, and the officer approached this person who was then shot.

There is only one suspect at this time, and they are now in the hospital due to the shooting. The officer was not injured, Erbaugh said.

TJC Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations Rebecca Sanders said employees received a message about the incident to inform them of what was happening.

An official message was then sent out to media and then published to the college's social media outlets, Sanders said.

She added students did not receive a notification about the shooting because there was not an ongoing threat after the incident was under control.

Students at the scene said they did not witness the incident and said it was the first time they have heard of any kind of shooting on or around campus.

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