Seismic Waves

A 2.5 magnitude earthquake was felt in the area on Thursday morning.

At least 12 people felt a jolt around 5 a.m. Thursday morning as a 2.5 magnitude earthquake impacted the area. A second earthquake, a 3.1 magnitude, occurred Thursday evening around 7:45 p.m.

Originally, the United States Geological Survey had the epicenter of the first quake listed as in Uncertain. According to USGS geophysicist Paul Caruso, as the day progressed and further research was conducted, the center was changed to 6.21 miles southwest of Mooringsport, Louisiana. The depth was listed as 9.79 miles by the USGS.

The second quake was listed as having its epicenter 6.21 miles west of Blanchard, Louisiana, with the same depth as the first quake.

According to Caruso, though it is not very common for earthquakes to be felt in the area, another one occurred April 1 near Blanchard, Louisiana — this time at a 3.0 magnitude.

On the Richter scale, a 2.5 or greater earthquake is typically felt but does not usually cause damage. Approximately 30,000 quakes from 2.5 to 5.4 are recorded each year in the United States.

“All earthquakes occur on fault lines when rocks move underground,” he said. “The longer the fault, typically, the stronger the earthquake.”

Many factors determine how far away from the epicenter an earthquake can typically be felt, he said, including the age of the rocks. On the east coast, quakes can be felt for longer distances because of older rocks than those on the west coast.

Out of the 12 people who reported in the USGS’ ‘Did you feel it?’ survey, every person categorized the first quake as light in intensity. Information regarding the second quake was not available at presstime.

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