When First United Methodist Church Youth Director BJ Laja-Akintayo and his girlfriend Glory Harwick put their heads together and prayed, they knew Marshall was in need of unity.

“In our nation, there is so much division right now,” Laja-Akintayo said.

While discussing everything going on in the country and in Marshall, Harwick prayed about it and wanted to do something to bring the community together.

So a 5K Prayer Walk was formed, which is scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight, starting at the downtown courthouse on the North side (the side that faces Washington Street).

At the event, walkers will start at the courthouse, then travel to Wiley and then ETBU, praying at each stop and along the way. Everyone needs to wear masks, organizers said. Participants from both Wiley College and ETBU will be praying at those stops.

At each stop there will also be a water station and an air conditioned bus will follow the walkers for those who need a break and a ride back from ETBU.

The walk is approximately 2.34 miles, a bit shorter than a typical 5K.

“The walk is in no way a protest, a rally or a demonstration. We simply want to pray to bring everyone together,” Laja-Akintayo said.

The event is not sponsored by any single church, rather multiple organizations are coming together to bring unity and to celebrate differences.

Anyone who wishes to attend is invited to show up at the courthouse tonight.