Ariel Hall, a junior business administration-accounting major at Wiley College from Plano recently hosted a barbecue event for fellow students and community residents in hopes of promoting unity.

“God has granted me the opportunity to serve my community in numerous ways,” Hall said. “I’ve always been a person of extreme gratitude and I believe that by giving back it will help us all thrive as one.”

Students from East Texas Baptist University and Wiley College attended the event, with Hall’s grandfather Gerald Robbins traveling from Plano with a trailer full of steaks to cook for attendees.

Hall reported that more than 100 people attended the barbecue, held at Marshall’s Smith Park. She says it’s all for the “greater good.”

“Taking the time out to put myself to the side and put those around me first is something I had to learn at a young age,” Hall said. “Growing up, my family instilled in me the keys to success which are education, grinding, giving and saving.

“I apply this into my daily routine by throwing events and community projects for everyone to attend,” she added. “Stressing unity in the community is more than a saying to me, it’s a way of life and an opportunity to interact with my peers and the community.”