If you are a person that “waits until everything is right,” you missed having a spring garden this year. Here we are, next week we will celebrate the 4th of July, and you don’t have your plans ready for a fall garden, why? “Things are not right. It keeps on raining.”

Folks, you could be preparing to miss a fall garden. A fact to remember — when it is time to do something, just do it. At least plant a small garden for the fall when the time on the calendar comes. One thing for sure — seed not planted cannot produce.

In the next two or three we can get our tomatoes out, be sure you get the heat tolerant varieties. Pumpkins planted in July need extra care and watch for heat stress, but they usually do well. August will hold many planting dates for a fall garden; try to have at least one crop in 2019.

The beef cattle business is still in “limbo” as there is little direction in the pricing and marketing of beef. It could be the “fake” beef competition that is more than some (especially veteran) cattlemen believed there would be.

Consumers today are not the same that they were in the 50s or 80s. The taste of food is no longer the number one priority like it once was. Convenience and quick preparation leads the way in some cases.

I believe (I said I), that the check-off efforts need to revert to selling the “sizzle” and taste of beef and the enjoyment of a good cut. Price determines some meat choices, yet the convenience and immediate preparation is number one in many couple’s selection of the meals we consume today.

When we were in the beef business, our family ate many steaks with ranchers whose cattle we were looking over and it was always from their cattle and prepared by the rancher and/or his wife.

We purchased four different sets of Polled Hereford Heifers from Burrows Ranch in New Mexico and he would cook a steak every time we were there. Times change, but it worked that way before.

“God prefers Fruits of the Spirit over Religious Nuts.” Adrian Rogers

“Fear falls before the fortress of faith.” William A. Ward

I have written in the past about the Tucker Estate Auction that will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday June 29 near Greenwood, Louisiana. Selling will be the property, all the equipment, tractor and tools plus household items and furnishings.

Jim and I went over last Sunday afternoon at the viewing and all is good as I expected. The Tuckers were wonderful friends and this auction is an opportunity. The property sells first then the household and then to the shop and farm equipment. A listing is available and the sale will follow the program.

Dusty Taylor, of Ruston, Louisiana, is holding the sale, he is well known as a builder as well as an auctioneer, he sells from a video that is set up and bidders never move. If you can, attend this sale.

With the 4th of July next week, be sure and make the date a gathering of “kin and friends.” Food and fellowship is all that most of American needs today to get back on track. Be sure all the folks you know have a place to celebrate this special day.

With the month of June, we are halfway through the year. Take the time to take down this years Farmer’s Almanac and read the weather forecast for the rest of the year (it is written over a year ago) and see how correct it has been. Then just take time to read some of the information.

I have over a hundred almanacs dating back to the 1800s, and find them most interesting. I am not sure when our education leaders decided that we do not need history, penmanship and geography in our schools, but they made a big mistake.

I follow Blums Farmers and Planters Almanac, but all publications of almanacs are interesting and informative.

Let’s fly Old Glory this 4th of July regardless of where we live. Our flag provides inspiration as long as it is displayed properly. In fact, Nancy, my daughter-in-law, has “bunting” displayed on the front porch. We are ready for the 4th of July.