My business has always been agriculture-based and features people and their improvement — that’s the way I view myself.

With that in mind, all eyes and efforts in our part of the Ark-La-Tex area has been focused on hay production and overall improving the forage from our pastures and hay meadows.

I attempt to keep up with the “big-picture” of agriculture, but there is so much effort put out in keeping Americans informed and few seem to be concerned about facts.

That’s the reason as I write and produce our radio programs that I keep the scope to our area.

If all goes as expected this week, we are going to improve our forage picture greatly.

To bale unfertilized hay (unless you are cleaning up a pasture) the baling is expensive, as the hay has little nutritional value to the animals it is fed to and an expense to the landowner.

It is always best to soil test, we did no but are applying 21-7-14 and will get a soil test before we fertilize again.

Be sure that your meadows are dry enough to handle the weight of the spreader truck and the hay baler; lots of folks are getting stuck.

Be sure and consider all situations in management.

The George Tucker Farm, acreage and equipment near the Texas-Louisiana line (Bethany, Louisiana) 7776 Shirley Francis Road, Shreveport, Louisiana will be auctioned Saturday, June 29.

The farm has approximately 144 acres, a beautiful, well-kept home and many buildings, shade, working pens, bunk house, shop — just everything.

The property will be sold (offered) in four tracts and then all together.

Property backs up to the old GM Plant.

Brochures are available at the site and more details are available from auctioneer Dusty Taylor, 318-245-8800. There will be an open house from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, June 23. The owners were wonderful caring folks and a true pleasure to know and work with.

People say, “Get right with Jesus you may die.” I say, “Get right with Jesus and you may live!” — Adrian Rogers

Will Rogers wrote in his newspaper column March 22, 1925 ... ”Once a man wants to hold a public office, he is absolutely no good for honest work.”

Yesterday, June 12, was National Jerky Day.

Did you share a “strip of jerky with a friend, especially a child, yesterday?”

There is no better product and it is prepared many different ways.

I prefer mine as a dried strip.

When we had the Robertson’s Ham Stand on Highway 80, it was most popular and it is nutritious, too.

Like other snacks, popcorn or potato chips, you can’t just eat one bite.

Had of couple of friends visiting last Tuesday from Louisiana Farm Bureau in Baton Rouge — Cary Martin and Avery Davidson.

We ate and as I usually do, we stopped by the Jonesville Store on the way to our house and they really enjoyed the visit.

Then went on to talk some business with the pair. We had a great time.

I received a call from a listener wondering about what trees not to prune yet. Oak trees should not be pruned until at least mid-July.

It could spread oak wilt — a disease your trees do not need.

When you do prune next month, be sure and paint the cut with a “tree wound paint,” which will protect the tree.

We have a few head of cattle that need new owners. I may get them to the sale barn this week or for sure next week.

No need to “keep for a better price” because we don’t know when that will be.

Our local cattle sales have been much stronger than the general cattle sales.

If tonight the quail sings, bats fly or owls hoot, expect fair weather tomorrow. I am not sure, but that’s a fact, says the Farmer’s Almanac.

A “tip of the hat” to Randy Reeves, former county agent in Harrison County and present county agent in Gregg County. Randy is retiring after decades with the Texas Agriculture Extension Service. He and his family recently built a home in the Harleton area and he will now be a part-time clerk in a popular Longview feed store just three days a week.

Congratulations Randy. May your future be as productive as your past.