What are the “common sense” facts?

First, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare, has proven to be anything but affordable. Obamacare has not made health care more affordable!

That is a cruel, blatant lie foisted on the American citizen by a radical president, a boldly assertive, democrat-controlled senate and house in ACA and then a brazen Supreme Court decision under Chief Justice John Roberts.

We are continuing to find out what ACA mandates and obligates each one of us to do. It vastly expands the bureaucracy of the government to monitor and oversee all facets of our health care, including rationing and what has critically been termed “death panels.”

Denied by many even in the medical profession, this bill, when carefully read, has resulted in just this kind of far-reaching and vast bureaucracy that will become, given time, “death panels.”

In the bowels of the vast bureaucracy created by such legislature one will find the yet to be determined threats to our liberties and possessions.

Now does anyone think this will make healthcare more reasonable, easier or more affordable? I cannot support a president and an administration that forced this upon us.

I’m grieved that the first “African-American” president will go down in history as chaining us to a legislative and bureaucratic monstrosity that is not only mis-named, but most certainly will be mismanaged, as all too many government agencies are guilty of.

Second, ACA does not free anyone or any profession. It is enslaving. It is intrusive. It is tyrannous. We do not yet know all of the dark “secrets” that are hidden in the labyrinth of the new medical bureaucracy that has been forced upon us.

Again, I agree with Dr. Bob Herrin in this situation. Many in the medical profession have wedded themselves with the legal profession and fashioned a tyrannous and enslaving system for the common tax-paying citizen they should be serving.

Those who should have represented us passed a legislative monstrosity without carefully reading it, and expected us to “roll over” and “play dead.” We must not! I am still alive and I can still speak and write. I do not believe that most of you will ignore these great threats.

We have similar corruption and even criminal developments in Republican leaders such as Speaker Bonnen and his supporters seeking to turn Texas Purple, if not Blue.

The Supreme Court majority in adoption Obamacare should have been asked straight-forwardly, “Have you read all the bill? Do you know what it permits agencies, those existing and those yet to be formed, to do?”

There are those who have observed that Chief Justice Roberts’ ruling is self-contradictory, the mandate was first not a tax and then it was a tax!

You see, these folks who decide our future live above the law. They have the government to defend them, the financial resources to pay (or they are exempt) and the special class that exempts them from the rules others must obey. They are the final “authority” in setting our future.

Some of our representatives have admitted that they do not know what is in the bill they passed. Nancy Pelosi was one who admitted this terrible fact.

Our president no longer represented the common people. He placed himself in the ranks of the social and cultural elite (certainly not the middle class America that I know) — Hollywood, big business, radical Islam, radical unions and leftist ideologues — who want to control and dictate for the majority of us.

We are at this crisis point in our history as a nation because the common citizens have surrendered the government to these kinds of folks and let them exclude common people from service.

We need more “tea party” movements that grow from the grassroots that demand our government change. We need to dismantle much that has been created. “It is the economy, stupid!” That would be a good phrase to remember! Let the grassroots speak!

There are several things that we need to remember and to do at this critical time in our history.

We need to elect someone who can and will reverse what then President Obama and the Congress did to the medical system. We continue to waste billions of dollars, even under Republicans, acquiring the largest deficits in our history.

We do have more people employed than at anytime in our history and paying less taxes and lower gas prices than any previous period of our history.

We continue to need a president and Congress who will lead us — all of us, black and white, native American and immigrant American, rich and poor, old and young, men and women.

We do not need a president who will divide us and cause hate to rule the day. We do not need more taxes and more bureaucracy!

Another thing that we need is a people’s legislature in Washington, D.C., that will reject such health care mandates and dismantle the system it is mandating, including the IRS.

This use of the IRS has raised a critical issue in regards to our tax system and our spending of tax dollars. There are some “common sense” things that need to be considered in relation to what the IRS and the government it finances does.

Just some common sense questions should give you an idea of what needs to be done — consider “unearned tax credit,” bridges to nowhere, frivolous academic “research,” welfare and food stamp fraud, and numerous other atrocities related to taxation and expenditure. We desperately need some changes in Washington and in state capitols!

This certainly demands some “common sense” measures that we dare not ignore as voting, tax-paying citizens. We must “stick together” as these political battles and legislative issues emerge.

History should be remembered and we must determine that those who have abandoned the interests and rights of common people not be supported or re-elected to office.

Some of you have responded to my plea for “common sense” and I trust that many more of you will do so. This is a time when our “community conversation” must unfold and come to rule the day.

Let me know what you think. You can send your thoughts to me by drjerryhopkins@yahoo.com or by “snail mail” at P.O. Box 1363, Marshall, Texas 75671. I will gladly listen to, or read, your comments and in time respond if necessary and appropriate.

Dr. Jerry Hopkins is a retired university history professor.