THANKFUL for parents who love, support, chasten, encourage and guide us.

THANKFUL for siblings who provoke, entertain, comfort and inspire; for brothers- and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, for the people who make families complete. Thankful for grandparents whose pasts are our foundations, whose cornerstone lessons keep us strong.

THANKFUL for friends as crazy as we are (and wilder still), who lift us up and also ground us. Thankful for shared passions, open doors, common pursuits, for random and ranging conversations, for bad jokes and belly-laughs. Thankful for family who are friends, for friends who are family.

THANKFUL for mentors and teachers, the ones in our lives for a short time, those who have steered us through years, whose wisdom becomes clearer with time, whose friendship persists, who continue to have an impact.

THANKFUL for a newsroom that beats in tandem with its community, focused on fairness and facts, open to critique and learning from error. Thankful for coworkers dedicated to their jobs and to each other, invested in their hometown, working on its behalf, who cheer alongside the fans, who strive to be its chronicle. Thankful for cats. And dogs.

THANKFUL for stories, for everyone who has one (and everyone does), for celebrating and for mourning, for championing and chiding, for planting trees today so future generations can enjoy the shade. Thankful for news that keeps the presses running and the community thriving.

THANKFUL for readers, who keep us on toes, who hold us to the highest standard, who keep us in the loop, who hold our feet to the fire, for the ones who simply enjoy the feel of a newspaper in their hands, ink on their fingertips, or just news on the screen beneath their thumbs.

THANKFUL for leaders who give generously, who serve selflessly, who question relentlessly, who step forward gladly, who ponder deeply, who guard diligently, who work tirelessly, who smile unceasingly, who seize opportunities and make them, too.

THANKFUL for civic servants who toil on, joyfully, ever-ready to help. Thankful for volunteers who pour themselves into projects, into people, for the young and the old eager to lend a helping hand, to pull out their wallet, to give you their shirt, to pray.

THANKFUL for Marshall, for Marshallites, for Mavericks, Bulldogs, Yellowjackets, Bobcats and Ladycats, Wildcats, Tigers, Ponies and Fillies, TSTC, for Harrison County and for Marion, for East Texans. For the spectacular Harrison County courthouse.

THANKFUL for a community with a history and with a future, one that welcomes and embraces, a place where people can find work, friendship, entertainment, support, challenges, success, love, both strife and grace in turn, where help awaits in times of trouble, comfort in times of grief, peace in turbulent days and hope for tomorrow. Welcome to the Texas Treasure of Marshall.