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—Dr. Sam Smith is the organizer of Butterfly Ministries and can be reached at

“All need to be made right with God by His grace, which is a free gift. They need to be made free from sin through Jesus Christ. God gave Him as a way to forgive sin through faith in the blood of Jesus. [Romans 3:24-25, NCV]

Let’s prepare an imaginary ledger – an account of all our sins and all our good deeds. Two columns: on the right, a list of every transgression against God. On the left, a list of every good deed performed. Just for grins, try it. I did, and it did not take me long to realize it is a futile endeavor. First of all, I cannot remember all my sins. They are too numerous to recall, and frankly, too painful. As far as the good deeds, the more I thought about them the fewer truly good deeds I could recall. A sincerely good deed would be one with a pure, unselfish motive. Nope, didn’t recall too many of those.

So, perhaps we might skip this project. It may not be a healthy thing to do. So many sins, so few good deeds. Might give us some kind of complex or something. We don’t need that.

Why do it anyway? Do we think that we might find a way to balance out our sins? Could a sin in the right ledger be erased by a good deed in the left? Not likely. No, not very likely. Then what do we do? How are we ever going to balance out or sins/good deeds ratio?

We can’t. Our sins far outnumber our attempts to do good works. We need help. We need inside help. We need a Savoir. Thank God, we have one. We have a Savior that cannot only balance the ledger for us, He can erase the entire right side. We owe a debt we cannot pay. Jesus paid it for us, on the cross, the debt of sin.

“He sacrificed for their sins once for all when He offered Himself.” [Hebrews 7:27]

Take away our belief in a Savior who has erased our sin debt and we are overwhelmed by our sins. If we did not know that our faith in Christ was our only hope of salvation and forgiveness, our lives would be hopeless. There are many who do not believe that Jesus is the only source for forgiveness of their sins. Where they ever find hope for their eternity is beyond me. They are fooling themselves, and come judgment day they will see the consequences of their foolishness. We who believe are commissioned to share the truths of Jesus as Savior with them. How sad it is that anyone would come to the end of their life without knowing Him, standing before God without Jesus – without forgiveness of their sins.

May we do all within our power to share the Good News with them. Tell them that God loves them and that He sent Jesus to save them. Encourage them with these words from 2 Peter, “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” [2 Peter 3:9] God loves everyone the same, no favorites, no exceptions. He has only one requirement for our salvation: that we love His Son, Jesus Christ. If anyone takes the time to know Jesus, how can they help but love Him? Jesus is love, and the only way to heaven. Share the truth. Jesus has paid for the debt that we owe – the debt we cannot pay without Him.

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— Dr. Sam Smith is the organizer of Butterfly Ministries and can be reached at