Marshall Economic Development Executive Director Donna Maisel had many promising things to say about the city's economic status during the organization's semi-annual report, Tuesday.

Foremost, was the 10-year projection of Marshall's future, which would see the city gaining around 610 jobs for its residents and its population grow with over 280 new residents including around 90 workers and 61 students.

But this growth won't happen overnight. We have witnessed it little by little over the past years as MEDCO has brought untold jobs into our community through new industries and expansion.

In September, Hardware Distribution Warehouses Inc. moved into the 670,000 square foot facility on Brown Road, formerly owned by Celebrating Home. The company currently employs around across the country, but sought to add around 60 employees from Marshall to make its workforce 165 strong.

Previously, General Cable broke ground in Scottsville on a $23 million, 100,000 square foot expansion, adding 70 jobs to Harrison County. This was made possible by the combined incentives from MEDCO and the Harrison County Commissioners Court's approval of a seven-year tax abatement, which helped make Marshall a more viable location than several other locations in the hemisphere.

Not to be overlooked are the additions of Manlake, bringing around 14 jobs to the area, Rio Ammunition Manufacturing facility, which initially brought 60 jobs to the area, and the 25 full-time jobs added through the relocation of international software developer Seven Networks.

But it is not just MEDCO's economic and industrial know-how that has attracted businesses to the area, but also the show of strong cooperation between our city and County as they have assisted MEDCO in either giving the corporation what it needs to be successful or "sweetening the pot" in order to attract industrial suitors. Only by showing that all levels of Harrison County and Marshall are ready to grow can we then succeed in the endeavor.