The holiday season for 2019 has arrived, high school football playoffs are taking shape, Christmas Tree “Choose and Cut” openings are being announced, last Saturday Deer Season (for guns) opened in East Texas, the announcements of Thanksgiving dinners being made and we have had our first cold snap ... let go, it is time for the holidays in East Texas. If you have not set plans for the season, do so, 2019 will never be here for us again and memories need to be made for the future.

There are always new and interesting things being done in agriculture, especially in Texas. Scientist in West Texas have developed a “Mesquite Tree” that grows straight, does not have thorns, the wood will produce the smoke “aroma” needed for taste, grows with little moisture and grows rapidly in the heat of our Texas summers. The new variety produces “beans” like the original tree for livestock forage, would some folks grow them as a crop? Probably, but I would have to put Mesquite in the same category as “Johnson Grass,” I do not believe a farmer who row cropped could ever plant Johnson Grass regardless how great a grass it is…not after fighting the plant in a cotton patch for generations.

A tip of the hat to the citizens of Hallsville who recently recognized Ray Jackson (store manager of Hallsville’s Brookshires) as “The 2019 Hallsville Distinguished Alumni”, during the homecoming banquet. Since coming to Harrison County our family has had ties to the community (our children live there) and Ray has been a spokesman and excellent representative of the community for all of his years since high school. There is no way a person can enter Brookshires in Hallsville without a welcome from Ray. He is truly a deserving person of this recognition.

“Stress is the GAP between the demands placed on us and our ability to meet those demands.” Adrian Rogers

John Wayne said, “Words are what men live by…words they say and mean.”

Have you had your flu shot yet? What are you waiting for? Jack, I haven’t been getting a shot and I haven’t had the flu … yet. I agree but we haven’t gone through the up and coming winter yet. A shot is better than the flu; I have had it both ways.

The annual Carthage Chamber of Commerce “All That Glitters Auction and A Taste of Carthage” will be this Saturday, Nov. 9 with the doors opening at 5:30 p.m. at the Carthage Civic Center. We have attended all except the first two and it is a wonderful event, silent auction with a huge selection of various “things” to bid on, the live auction the Jim and I will do always hits the spot and the Taste of Carthage is superior. Even without all of the mentioned happenings, the fellowship is tremendous. This is a fundraiser for the Panola County Chamber of Commerce.

The 2019 pecan crop is in and we picked up a good supply of cracked pecans earlier in the week. Same price as last year and the quality is excellent.

As groups hold their annual Thanksgiving Dinners, attend as many as you can, the Thanksgiving dinners and the annual Christmas tree at home are events that never grow old and should be looked forward to and attended each season. I had my first cup of hot chocolate earlier this week and it hit the spot … no marshmallows. The First United Methodist Church in Waskom will be serving their community Thanksgiving meal Friday, Nov. 15 starting at 11 a.m. at the church on Highway 80. You can buy an advance ticket and arrive early for your plate, dine in or to go plates “cooked by experienced hands”.

If you will plant your “paper white narcissus” bulbs Nov. 11 Veterans Day in a sunny window or bright natural light, the plant will bloom for Christmas. I can remember from my early schooldays in the mid-30’s each teachers desk had one on it and the blooms were always available to enjoy.

Find an East Texas football team to support as we are getting ready for the playoffs.