All of us are individuals and we place values in different happenings and events as well as our day to day living. I realize “things” happen, however I know that we are responsible for many of the situations in our lives. As I have advanced in years, I can see more of what happens in the areas around me are caused by me. Yesterday was the date Burniece and I married back in 1955, a specific day we enjoyed celebrating for over 63 years of being married. With her passing a year and half ago to Alzheimer’s, the meaning of February 5th is still strong in my positive memories.

I thank God every day for us finding each other (on a first date) back in 1948 in our home county in Oklahoma.

The memories I relive on a daily basis are positive and I am blessed to have our four children handy here in East Texas, none over 30 minutes away and we communicate very often and they are my comfort zone on a daily basis.

I admit that my wedding anniversary nearly slipped up on me this year.

The recent Super Bowl was a huge boost to our poultry producers in America. The event (one day) saw folks consume 1.4 billion pounds of chicken wings, according to my report that was game day consumption. That fact brought out an interest in me; I have eaten “chicken wings” all my life but never the type we consume today. Thanks to the care given me by my daughter-in-law, Nancy last Saturday night she bought me some wings along with the dipping sauce, celery strips……wonderful eating. I noticed the re-opening of trade with China has already caused tons of “chicken feet” to be sold to the China market.

“Victory is not achieved by fighting. It is achieved by faith.” Adrian Rogers

“The pessimist majors in mistakes, misfortunes and misery; the optimist accentuates assets, abundance and advantages.” William A. Ward

After the passing of the month of January we all know that our pace of activities in the Ark La Tex accelerates. Hopefully a few more warm and clear days to get outdoor jobs done, the soil will warm up, we are how having about 15 minutes more minutes of daylight each week and our landscapes are waking up. It happens every year, just at different degrees, or it seems that way.

The success of planting our gardens depends on having the seed planted as soon as the soil is warm enough to start the growing process. In our part of the country we tend to plant earlier than we should, however many years we can get a head start on the crop that way, it is usually worth the try.

In our church there is a most successful potato gardener who plants on Valentine’s Day each year and then a row each week for four weeks after that date. I think it is a good approach.

Congratulations to the Master Gardeners and the Forestry Service for their tree giveaway last Saturday on the south side of the square in downtown Marshall. It is a well orchestrated event ... excellent information on the trees by kinds and types, handy on tables, master gardeners to discuss the trees and plenty of help to secure your trees for you. Next year I believe the sponsors will put the event in the winter sun, not in the shade. The Master Gardeners identify themselves with attractive vests … just a great event.

Check your cattle regularly, we had a cow slip by our observation and we let her get a case of internal parasites. We have given the herd (small) a drenching with the proper pesticide earlier in the fall, but a daily check is needed.

I was asked last week “when do I wean my calves”, the best answer is “that depends”, but that is not a lot of help. The condition of the cow and the calf is your best indicator. Old timers weaned about 10 months, cows were bred back and the cow would wean the calves.

Seven months is a time many of our cattleman weans in an average year.

Early weaning around four months can be done with good management.

More at another time.