We are having an excellent year for the changing of our “woodland color” patterns as the leaves take on many colors. The early cool spell could take the credit, whatever the reason, our “landscapes and woods” are beautiful. I visited a local landscape specialist Monday morning and he and his crew had a trailer of pansies ready to plant in a local landscape. Want a lift, cheer up your landscape with plants and this week has been a good week to do the job as we have had different weather about every day.

This year’s pecan crop is from excellent to fair as the rain has delayed some harvesting and before that maturing of the pecans in the shell. The pecans I have seen and enjoyed either shelled or cracked will add to our holiday meals in East Texas. Most of the prices I have found so far this fall are about the same as last year. I would get my supply secured and be sure and freeze some as they are excellent year around.

Watch for special prices on turkeys this fall, there always have been “specials” and in the past they are real money savers. With the many ways we can prepare “the bird” and all the new recipes, turkey is now a year around meat for the family table.

A special mention for our own Bear Creek Smokehouse, for decades it has been a place to visit and purchase some of their fine meats, now it is a “destination place” to visit and take others who come to our part of Texas. The smokehouse and all the products are just a portion of the place to see and enjoy. As they finished the huge country store, I wondered how they could ever use all that space, a visit now will show you how to use the area and you can spend all the time you want just looking, eating, reading, observing and just fellowship with others who have dropped by. Bear Creek is open Monday through Saturday from eight in the morning. Every week more to see and do is being added. Any visitor any of us have during the holidays would appreciate you taking them by.

Still a few folks are baling hay, but most of the quality is gone, in fact any forage standing should be grazed. Electric fence can turn hay meadows into pastures, IF you will train your cattle to respect an electric fence before you turn them in behind the fence. If you have never controlled your grazing with this method, check it out.

The First United Methodist Church in Waskom prepares a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings annually and the meal will be from 1 a.m. until all the meals are sold, Friday November 15, 2019 (tomorrow). It is best to get you a ticket ahead of time they will sell out. I was asked how may years this has been done? I know for 50 years and while the cooks change the recipes have only improved, especially the desserts and the “cornbread dressing”. Both eat in and take out are available, I suggest you be there early and “sit and talk” a spell. Price is $10. It is a fundraiser for the Church an event supported by the community.

People say, “Get right with Jesus you may die.” I say, “Get right with Jesus you may live!” Adrian Rogers

Will Rogers said, “Things ain’t what they used to be and probably never was.”

There are lots of folks that truly care. I was getting a sandwich last Monday about dinner time (noon), the man taking my order asked if I was a veteran, I responded “yes” and as I reached for my money a young man who was standing close by said May I pay your bill? I thanked him but said I appreciate your desire too…I can. He stated, “No sir, you served our country and I did not.” What a great gesture on Veterans Day or any day.

Turkey fact; “The wobbly little thing on the turkey’s chest is the turkey’s beard and is made up of keratin bristles. Keratin is the same substance that forms hair and horn on other animals.” Now we all know.