The weather is going the “cattleman’s way” lately as we received a good 1.6 inches of rain last Sunday night or early Monday morning. We had some wind that we didn’t need but I have not heard of any damage. For once we had our “program” working as we had disc (scratched) the soil and seeded rye grass on about 20 acres, with the rain and some warm days we should have some grass after Christmas for a short grazing, then fertilize for some more growth.

The auction for the first bale of cotton ginned in Caddo Parish was held last week, great breakfast about 60 farmers and others on hand. The auction was held in the Caddo Parish Extension Office, with the bale being brought by some 24 cotton growers, suppliers, lenders and wonderful businesses with the top donation being $1,200 and a few $100, gifts to come to a premium of $7,500 for Logan Farms, Gilliam, Louisiana who were the producers. The cotton was planted April 22, harvested Sept. 17, ginned (Gilliam Gin Company) on Sept. 23 and the variety was Delta Pine 1845. The First Bale event has been going on for a long time, like other events about 10 years ago there was the thought that the recognition had “played out”, some growers and others said, let’s make it work and the results have been great with more enthusiasm and publicity than in many years. When you have something worthwhile don’t let it go away because you give out, just recruit others and if it is worthwhile it goes at even a better pace.

I visited with my favorite pecan orchard last Monday and he says his crop is good to very good this year, the wind last Sunday night shook quite a few out of the shucks, and that he will have his crop ready for retail sales in the first week of November.

The weather bureau in a report on the nation’s winter weather says, “believe the winter weather will be warmer this year”, however “they are not confident on the December through February weather”. I guess we can plan with that report in mind.

The Annual Harvest Festival Jr. Livestock Show is being held this week with the Jackpot Beef Show on Saturday morning and the Annual Jr. Livestock Sale to be held at the Maude Cobb Expo Center Saturday following the BBQ.

The support for the 4-H and FFA exhibitors from the counties that touch Gregg County are qualified to show, tremendous opportunity for our youth who are winners and our businesses and groups to support our future. The students have done their part it is time for us as buyers to support the 4-H and FFA students efforts. Attend the auction Saturday afternoon/evening.

I had a fellow call last Monday with some hay to bale and those baling can keep the hay. If you are interested give me a call and I will share his number, it is here in Marshall.

As we venture into the holiday season, take time to attend a many local activities as you can, especially where the children are involved. Our great granddaughter attended a Halloween pumpkin decorating program held last weekend at BearCreek Smokehouse and had a great time. Don’t let your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and any other kids go through the holidays without the opportunity to be a part of special events and churches, here is an excellent outreach program for all churches. We all have the same amount of time ... 24 hours a day; it is how we spend it.