As this is being written, the sun is trying to break through the clouds and that would be a good move.

With all of the uncertainty that has been going around my little flip jitterbug phone quit. I do not understand how it works, so I could not understand what is wrong.

My go-to person is my son in law and he is out of pocket, however, that will be remedied. Even with the virus present, we are out of touch with the phone out of commission. All is only temporary so best we just keep on keeping on.

As Americans are attempting to figure out our next step each day, there are some firsts being brought into being. The First Monday Trades Day in Canton, Texas will not be held this weekend for the first time in “170 Years”, just think of all the conditions, circumstances, weather events that the monthly get together has survived but will not be held next week.

That is not an April fool’s prank, the event will not be held due to the facts it should not be held. The Trades Day was established in 1850 and just to compare, my Grand Dad “Pappy” Dillard was born in 1854.

I know of quite a few gardeners that have begun growing their spring vegetable garden. A number of gardeners are holding out until Easter to establish the 2020 vegetable garden and I am sure they will do well. I know that many seeds have been planted and quite a few transplants have been set out in gardens.

The raised bed gardens have been handy this year as they work great during frequent rains and we have had plenty of moisture. The windy ways and warm early temperatures have made our plants establish very well.

Thanks to those that provide our transplants, we have some crops with a two week advantage in being established.

With all the warm weather, our frosts have not caught the gardener yet.

Be sure and keep your frost blankets handy if you should need to cover your tender plants when temperatures are near 32 degrees freezing.

Like most churches in our area, our First Baptist Church in Waskom did not have Sunday School and church last Sunday morning (and are not planning to until the virus situation changes for the better) as well as other church gatherings. Dr. Ivy Shelton our Pastor made available his usual outlines in advance and broadcast the message on the internet where we had 395 folks tune in, 50 worshipped on “You Tube” and 12 on Vimeo (whatever that is). Son Jerry and wife Dawn watched their own Church Mobberly Baptist in Longview and then tuned in on their daughter’s Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia (she plays the piano and sang twice) then they checked in on son Ryker who is on staff of a Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee where he is involved with the orchestra. They had a full day of family and Christ, we are so blessed.

If you do not have a lot to do until we get our world back together, check the “thistles” as they are off to a great start. The best way to get the thistles taken care of is to cut them down, wait just a few days until re-growth starts on the thistle plant make a small mop on the end of a stick and “mop the base of the plant” with round up or some like herbicide and apply to the plant. This is a sensitive weed killer, be careful and place the chemical only on the plant. You can’t get in a hurry, just take your time and kill those thistles. It is important to direct the chemical on the plant.

The fish truck came last Friday and many fish were sold for Pond Lake stocking. I will let you know when the truck will be back with another supply.

“Every child of God is a chop off the old Block.” Adrian Rogers

“Words should be used as tools of communication and not as substitutes for action.” W.A. Ward

Keep in mind that we are one day closer to our next big event and happening. Take time before we meet again on the printed page to lift someone’s spirit and you will feel better also.