What a wonderful time we are living in this spring time of 2020. Just about everything planned will not be and we have no clue as to how to plan our next move.

There is no one or thing to blame, best we sit back and let the calendar keep up with what is going on, stay as healthy as we can and read some of those books you have not read yet and hope that family calls often and talks with you.

I honestly believe our nation is in good hands, our state and local leaders are doing well, but I really cannot figure out all of the “hoarding of some food and paper goods”; however I may get caught short or have missed something.

Those that are planning a garden for the spring and summer should be in good shape, lots of folks buying garden seeds and transplants, our moisture has been adequate and the warmer days are showing up each week.

Study your “planting guide” and remember the planting dates are for early seeding, while those that are waiting until Easter to get your vegetables in the ground will still be fine. I do believe with the mild winter we can expect a heavy insect population to be a challenge this year.

I would like to hear from those readers that have had Purple Martins honor their houses this spring. My boxes were ready but the Scouts did not choose us this year.

Today is the 1st Day of Spring (next year it will be March 20th due to its arrival at midnight) due to the time of its official arrival.

Google the 1st day of spring and the discussion is entertaining. In 2021, spring will again arrive on March 20th, interesting and the weather will be the same.

“God does business with those who mean business.” Adrian Rogers

“Secret faults are the termites of character.” W.A. Ward

The 19th Annual Production Sale of Angus Cattle by Hayes Brothers, Arcadia, Louisiana will not be held March 21 as originally planned for. The sale will be rescheduled and the terms and conditions of the sale will be announces at that time. This will be the final sale as the organization is turning their efforts to other businesses.

The cattle selling will be of the same quality and breeding as the previous sales and the offering includes: 40 service age Angus bulls, 17 registered spring calving heifers, 125 commercial spring calving cows, 100 Angus/Brangus BWF spring calving commercial heifers and 30 Angus/Brangus open heifers. Dusty Taylor the Auctioneer/Sale Manager has all the details, call 318-245-8800 for more facts on the sale. I will share the details as soon as they are available.

Hayes Brothers for the last two decades have produced some of the finest cattle and lots of the animals are working in pastures across East Texas. Dusty said the sale information would be available and for those of you looking for a top bull, this is a great set.

Listen to the radio and watch the newspaper for information on the Harrison County Farm City Week Activities. The details are being worked on but have not been completed before the deadline on this column.

Be sure and get your seeds lined up for any supplemental grazing you are planning to plant.

This might be a good year to seed some of our hybrid Bermuda grass, the seeding rate on a prepared seed bed is 5 to 10 pounds per acre and it is suggested that you pack the ground after seeding. I have never planted any, but might put a few acres in this year.

The results have been good, the longevity of the seeded Bermuda has not been as good as the sprigs, however management may have been different.

I do believe that this will be a year to get our hay baled as early in the season as possible.

We will share our conditions concerning all phases of agriculture as we work our way through our conditions this spring and summer.