Springtime is coming and we need to do a few things before time runs out. Matt Garrett Harrison County Agriculture Agent has a most informative and beneficial program coming our way; however we need some immediate response from those the event is planned for. Keep in mind a fact of 2020 and beyond, “nothing is like it used to be”, Garrett has set up a “Earth-Kind Landscape Design and Management School” to be held April 4th and 5th in Marshall, Texas. The in depth classroom portion of the program will be eight hours with a $50.00 registration fee for this part of the program, great buy. Following this presentation on the next day there is a (one on one consultation) program designed by the instruction for the benefit of an individual landscape development. The cost of the personal landscape plan for a family is $100.00. The person teaching the Earth-King Program will be Dr. Steve George, Professor and Extension Landscape Specialist with Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service. Dr. George is the creator of the Earth-Kind Environmental Landscape Management System and will provide those on the second day with their own plan. In order for the event to happen there must be a known number to attend and be a part of the program. The FINAL day to know if we will have a MINIMAL number take part of the program is FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2020. Call 903-935-8413 for more details. I know that is tomorrow so please contact our County Agent Matt Garrett by this afternoon or at least by noon Friday. Please take time to let him know, this is an opportunity, but there must be enough interested to compensate for the expenses. I will let you know about the meeting in a week or two.

About 25 were in attendance last Saturday at the Peach Tree Pruning Demonstration at the GY Ranch on Highway 80 west. Beautiful weather, peach trees ready and handy and plenty of information on peach thinning, proper pruning, insect and disease management and a good assessment of our crop for this year.

“Teach men their rights, and you have a revolution. Teach them their responsibilities, and you have a revival.” Adrian Rogers

A cheerful face is nearly as good for an invalid as healthy weather.” Benjamin Franklin

Now is the important time in the life of a cow in East Texas, if she is nursing a calf or is being bred. From now until our summer grass arrives with strength to keep cattle gaining, is important. If you have quality hay to fill both the roughage needs of the animal plus enough to keep her gaining weight going into springtime.

If you don’t feed enough protein to supplement her body’s needs. Our livestock cannot take care of themselves nutritionally until good quality grazing arrives.

If the plans we had are carried out we will have the pastures soil tested by the end of the week. If you have not added lime to your pastures in the last three years, the tests should show a need for this product. It will be better to follow the suggestions, our county agent will share any needed facts you may not have handy.

The Panola County Junior Livestock Show and Sale is being held this week in Carthage. Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. the Annual Junior Livestock Auction will be held. It is always a good event for our East Texas Agriculture program.

The 58th Annual Harrison County Agribusiness Associations Farm City Week activities get under way March 23rd-26th, 2020. This is Harrison County’s week long focus on our 4-H and FFA Students and their exhibits. It all winds up on March 26th at the Marshall Convention Center with a big BBQ and the sale of those placing in the livestock and other projects. More later but set aside your time and support funds for our youth…best dollars you will ever spend and it all stays here in Harrison County.