Our founding fathers believed the president of the country should represent all the people, not just a few. When the president favors a particular group and even excludes groups from the public forum, then he should be removed from office.

This was obviously seen when President Richard Nixon abused his office. With President Obama we had a president who did far more than Nixon ever dreamed of doing—blatantly lying to the people; refusing to uphold the laws passed by Congress as he chose; selling the nation to China through enormous debt; refusing to develop our natural resources freeing us from Arab oil; abandoning our international friends such as Israel; wasting billions of dollars funding jahidists in Iran, Pakistan, Egypt; taking private industry by government action (GM); and assuming control of health care.

The Tea Party movements were critically important in those days. We need to learn what they are still about and we need to become part of the community conversation, buying into the common agreement and making reasonable and appropriate commitments that we might bring reason to our government once again. We need to recognize the genius of our system and to reply upon it. Certainly, we ought to exercise our rights and vote individually. If you are not registered to vote you need to and then you need to vote. If you don’t, you are part of the problem we are facing.

Our founders setup a government with three branches—an executive, a legislative and a judiciary that functioned through a system of “checks and balances” in order to keep individuals, group or branch from dominating the whole. Foolish changes are being patiently and aggressively imposed on our nation and nothing is being said about them in the national media so as not to alarm the “Tea Party” masses that might encourage any “community conversation.”

Such “public discourse” is critically important and should be encouraged by any reasonable media. Such disagreement was effectively suppressed in Germany and other nations in the twentieth century that led to the atrocities of Hitler, the excesses of Stalin and the tragedies of other dictators and mass murderers. Our founders recognized the dangers in these kinds of situations. Dr. Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, discusses the relationship of “public discourse” and the operation of our government under the wise rules of our Constitution. Not only do we have the assurance of a “community conversation,” we also have the right to vote, if that is not taken away by “Martial Law.”

Arnn wrote, “James Madison had a particular belief in the power of public discourse to make the nation and the public better. This follows from a belief that thinking before acting is a hallmark of human excellence. Therefore it is an advantage that the sovereign people of our country have plenty of time to talk and many fewer opportunities to act. That is a good situation in which to place anyone who holds the final authority. And while the people talk, their representatives will still hold their offices until the next time there is a vote. And they will be cast out only if a sufficient number of the citizens want that to happen.”

So we have a “limited government” in theory and ideally, as well as the opportunity to talk amongst ourselves, to conduct a “community conversation” regarding what we ought to believe and act upon. This is what I’ve been emphasizing in these columns over the past. We need to join together to work on limiting what government and the leaders are attempting to do. Indeed, we need to reverse some of what they have done in things like Obamacare, abortion, and now the gender issue.

Arnn and others have also exposed the “fourth” branch of government that does not answer to the people. It is the part of government that we need to understand and that we need to begin dismantling. This is the bureaucracy, the machinery (the administrative state) that runs what the government creates to “serve” the people. This bureaucracy establishes the rules, regulations and “laws” that impose upon the people what they must do and pay. The most obnoxious of these bureaucracies has been that established by Obamacare that manages and rations our health care as created by the Democrats.

When our representatives, senators and judges do not respect our founding documents and defy the will of the people, we need to remove them from office. That includes judges, as well as senators and representatives, and the president or any other leader in office.

I refuse to acknowledge Nancy Pelosi as a legitimate representative because she is not representing the people or respecting either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. She quoted the Declaration to justify her advocacy and advance of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, saying that she spoke “with great pride and great humility” and that the House would “honor the vows of our Founders, who, in the Declaration of Independence, said that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

She then proceeded to effectively eliminate the guarantee and to blatantly imposed an “individual mandate” upon every American, putting in place a bureaucratic power that would fine, limit, rob and potentially even murder individual citizens. Not a single Republican voted for this monstrosity of health care legislation. As the reality of it has unfolded it is a creeping nightmare of rules, regulations and costs. It is anything but affordable and has no protections assured for the everyday common citizen. It is the imposition of government control, management and madness.

The tragedies of the Veterans Administration health care system are multiplied and meanly imposed on all of us, not just the veterans. Government cannot do a good job. It is too removed from the people who need help. This is exactly why we need to reverse what has been taking place since World War II – the federal bureaucracy. We need to begin trimming government, limiting its reach and power, dismantling the “deep state.”

Our “community conversations” should result in some common agreement and commitment to act reasonably and appropriately to strengthen and sustain our country. As citizens we should be patriotic and active as voters. Don’t you think we need some “tea”? We should all embrace the same fundamentals and basics regarding our government and political process. What do you think about what is happening and the direction our country has taken in recent times?

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