We are being hypnotized by rhetoric emphasizing change and condemning President Trump as racist, sexist, liar and any number of other bad things. I’m for change when it is clearly and absolutely necessary for the betterment and prosperity of the whole society. I am not for lying, cursing or criticizing even enemies wrongly and stupidly. We need a change so that politicians do not falsely accuse opponents and deceive their voters.

Then there are those who advocate change without detailing the facts or explaining what they mean by change. This happened when Barack Obama ran for the presidency in 2008 saying that he wanted to change America. Many thought that he was going to bring change for the better in race relations and in government affairs. He brought with him into the presidency a hatred for America; a determination to change the nation; a “humbling” of the military and cutting military spending; included and expanded relationships with the Arab/Islamic peoples; drastically changed our foreign policy and international relations, putting America last and least in every case.

Often those who advocate change are promoting the old socialism that has failed. It failed in England, in other British territories, and the other European countries. It is still failing, even with massive efforts to revive it economically and socially in other places in the world. The worst and most obvious failure of socialism was that of the Soviet Union. We do not need to return to “big government” solutions that masquerade as benefiting the majority of the people while in fact robbing most of them. Such “wolves in sheep’s clothing” cannot be defended as changes that we need. What is the case in the light of this litany for change that we are hearing?

All the Democrat presidential candidates are running as socialist and give-away candidates.

Things are not as bad as they could be. In fact, they are over all better than the message we have been hearing as “change” has been promoted and prospered. For most of the past quarter of a century there has been positive economic growth with the rate of growth for most of this period accelerating. In 1982 the U.S. experienced an economic output of $5.1 trillion. In 2007 the economic production in real 2000 dollars reached $11.3 trillion. This is merely one statistic. What about per capita economic output? In 1982 it was $22,400; in the year 2007 in real 2000 dollars it reached $37,807. In the year 2018 our per capita economic output was at $54,541. In the light of this do we need that much change?

Obviously, one can “lie” with statistics, but there is a truth in raw numbers that we need to pray attention to. Facts are facts, regardless of arguments and charges pertaining to lying. What about the proposals regarding change and what will specifically result from those changes?

However you figure the proposals regarding “change” it comes down to more “big government,” higher taxes, more government controls, more government regulations, more government rules, more government bureaucracy. It means government intrusions and government meddling. For those of us who have some experience with government running things, spending our tax dollars, and collecting our hard-earned money, it becomes obvious what this “change” means for those who pay the taxes in the country. This is true for the average citizen who owns property and works to earn his living. Tragically, we have to work over half a year to pay our taxes (which includes all we pay the various governmental entities—local, county, state and national) now.

An important point that we need to stress at all levels of government this year is no more taxes, no more government rules, no more political meddling and lying. We need to elect those who are willing to clean up government waste, government controls and government interference in our elections and legislative decision-making. In Texas this means we need to insist that government agencies, unions and tax-funded entities be prevented from funding and bank-rolling legislators to make changes that favor them and their local government entities.

We need to vote in some legislators who will represent local tax-payers, farmers, property-owners and business people. Big city and big county governments need to be reigned in and tightly-controlled. Actions that have taken place since the last legislative session with the weak limits on property tax issues prove that we were not well-represented by the Governor, Lt. Governor or the legislature, particularly the speaker of the house Bonnen. Even our local representative who is now claiming to fight to keep Texas red did nothing during the legislative session to keep Texas red, all the while voting and arguing to keep Texas purple supporting Speaker Bonnen and his surrender to the Democrat minority. We are closer to becoming blue because of what our top leadership did in Austin this past two years.

The people need to stand up to government as the citizens did in 1776 and at other times since then, and say, “Enough! No more!” We need someone like those in 1994 who fashioned and implemented the “Contract with America” and leaders with the courage and commitment to see that it is completed. We do not need a “tax and spend” system increased that we must pay for with our earnings. We do not need more sales tax, certainly not an income tax and we need other cuts in taxes at all levels.

One of the shocking exercises we all should engage in is the calculation of what we pay in taxes—income tax, social security tax, medicare, sales tax, property tax, inventory tax, registration taxes, unemployment tax, and many other hidden taxes (any tax levied on business finds its way to the individual consumer, you and me) that all of us have to pay.

What we must finally realize is that tax impedes and impoverishes individuals and corporations.

While taxes are necessary there can be abuse and misuse of taxation. This has always been the problem and struggle between the citizens and governments. It is important that limits be imposed and that government be restrained, particularly in regards to the matter of taxation, but also in regards to spending.

The change that we need is not more government, but less government. We do not need more taxation, but less in every area, local, city, county, state and nation.

Let me hear from you on what you think about taxation, political representation and government spending.

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