There are many things to be said about blame. The most important is its relation to sin. Blame is irrevocably linked to evil human nature and what results from it. People want to do what is sinful but do not want to accept the consequences.

Adam and Eve in Genesis 2-3 are examples—Eve blamed the Serpent for her evil deed; then Adam blamed Eve for misleading him. Blame must be faced! At the root of all blame is pride. We refuse to accept responsibility and embrace the reality of shame. Eve was saying, “the Devil made me do it,” when in fact it was selfish pride. The same in Adam’s case. We must likewise embrace our shameful blame; not try to blame it on someone or something else.

There are many other examples in the Bible. A very powerful one is in 2 Chronicles 29. Hezekiah clearly places the blame where it belongs, calling the people to embrace their shame. They had forsaken God, turned away from Him (he actually says they “turned their backs” 29:6). They brought disaster upon themselves in doing what they did. The book of Job also clearly exposes how people refuse to accept blame for their evil deeds. Modern people refuse to accept their evil and should be shamed for blaming God or anyone else for their actions. None of us are saints apart from God and His redemptive work through Jesus in our behalf. As Christians we are realists. We embrace blame for sin and the shame it produces. Now we need to realistically deal with our present situation.

There is a struggle as to who is to blame for the virus and where it came from and what it was intended to do. The blame is simple and strong. The virus originated in China. The authorities there I believe intentionally released it and let it go as thousands of their own people and many visitors were infected and then traveled to other places in the world. There is more than just the Chinese to blame for this terrible plague unleashed on the world, primarily on the United States.

The timing of the virus is directly related to the growth and prosperity of the United States, its industries, economy, commerce, health and growth on the eve of the 2020 presidential election. The intent by numerous elements is to blame Trump and defeat him. These efforts are shameful.

The anti-Trump, anti-American politicians, media moguls and entertainment elites have already embraced this crisis to defeat Trump and the successful economy under his leadership. It is now even more obvious as the media and anti-American political powers (Obama, the Clintons and Bushes) are using the awful death of a man in Minneapolis at the hands of a rabid policeman (who had multiple other incidents in his past without being charged or disciplined) to promote violence and savagery. Crowds cannot be allowed at church or other settings, but the authorities allow mobs and protesters to do as they please. Crowds can shop at the big stores and related businesses, but they cannot at other businesses shop, or worship at churches or other religious centers.

When you look behind the veil you will see the wealth, the power, the elite promoting these evils to destroy the success and the accomplishments of the present president and administration. They may not have directly caused these difficulties but they are determined to use them to politically defeat Trump and Conservatism. They are promoting a radical socialism and bigger government running the whole country, robbing individuals and families.

As we consider this issue of shame and blame, we need to remember an important principle known as “innocent until proven guilty.” Accusations are still being repeated that have proven to be false and fiction—that Russia worked to get Trump elected so as to influence the United States. Instead it is becoming apparent that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were favored and supported in the 2016 election. All that the Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans tried did not work because the facts were not supportive of what they proposed. President Obama and his administration triggered the awesome powers of the federal bureaucracy—the CIA, the NSA, the State Department, the FBI and even foreign intelligence services to spy on the Trump Campaign and then the working of a duly elected administration. They blamed Trump for working with Russia to get elected and they lost the election.

There are those who have insisted that we are in this Covid-19 trouble together. We are not all in this together, never have been. Politicians, national, state and local officials and those chosen by the government as “essential” have not lost a single paycheck. They have not destroyed their crops or livestock or agriculture products because of their own choices. They have not had to give up their homes or businesses. These leaders have not, I believe laid awake wondering about paying their rent, feeding their children, paying their utilities and essential bills. Not a single leader has recommended laying off one of the bureaucrats dictating the business closings and isolating the citizens. They have received their pay checks.

We still have to pay our taxes. They have not suffered from their own decisions regarding closing businesses, churches or industries. Many of these politicians have continued while on our payroll to criticize, attack and malign the president and others working to solve the problem. This is shameful and wicked in making such decisions and not having to account for them. We need to REMEMBER this when we vote, if we ever get to under their draconian rules and the danger of new voting rules that can so easily be used to really steal an election.

We are not all in this together in the same way. There are those who need to be blamed and shamed for what is happening. It has been interesting that the danger of viral pandemic has diminished as the media has pushed racism, hate the police and embrace the radicals who are burning, looting, killing and destroying businesses, churches and communities. There are some who are using their positions and power to destroy our health, businesses, industries and to remove our liberties, giving as their reason the pandemic. We are at war with China and many in our nation are willingly acting in the behalf of that evil regime. We also need to remember that Joe and Hunter Biden, as well as the Clintons, have received millions of dollars from the Chinese Communists.

I look forward to hearing from you on what you think about blame and shame.

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