Jerry Pye is the former Regional Publisher of the Marshall News Messenger and will occasionally write a column for the News Messenger.

Do you remember your first Valentine?

Valentine is a few short days away and do you remember your first Valentine’s Day with your spouse? I do clearly. I brought Ruby a Valentine card, a box of chocolates and a dozen roses. Roses were not cheap in those days and always had a higher price around Feb. 14 than the balance of the year.

So I drop by her house to present these very expensive roses to my love. And wait for it — she is deathly sick with the flu. And when I say sick, she did not care about anything except getting well, sleeping and that included seeing me on Valentine’s Day. She did get up long enough for me to give her the roses and chocolate. I did not stay long and I am not sure if she remembered me dropping by other than she had the chocolate and the bright red roses. Apparently, I scored points with Ruby for our first Valentine’s Day as we have been married for over 36 years.

Notice: Important information for young men, newly married husbands, and other single men that are silly enough to believe the words of your significant other as it relates to important holidays. If your girlfriend/wife says that she does not want anything for valentine’s, her birthday, anniversary or Christmas, do not believe her and I repeat do not believe her. It is a test and if you fail the test, the doghouse will be your place of abode for the next few days. I never failed that test or at least in my opinion, I never failed the test. Ruby can tell you if I have failed or not.

A true case study follows.

When I worked at the Ruston Daily Leader in Louisiana, a La Tech college student working for me that had been married for less than two years. Valentine’s Day was coming up and he told us guys about his first valentine’s. We listened with interest and laughed our butts off at the telling of the story. He though it was ok not to pick up chocolate and flowers his new wife since he had worked all day.

Here is his story. He pulled an eight-hour shift and planned to buy her chocolate and flowers after he got off of work. Word to the wise; buy you Valentine goodies before Feb 14. We asked immediately, why didn’t you buy something before Valentine’s. Now the rest of the story, his boss asked him to pull a double and work an additional eight hours. He did and he thought since he worked 16 hours on Valentines, it would be ok to get his new wife flowers and chocolate the next day.

Bad move. His wife was waiting up for him with a candlelight meal and that was the highlight of the evening since he had no card, chocolate or flowers for her. He did not get out of the doghouse for a couple of days. For his second valentine’s chocolate and roses were purchased ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The moral of the story – Get chocolate and roses for your wife/girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

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— Jerry Pye is the former Regional Publisher of the Marshall News Messenger and will occasionally write a column for the News Messenger.