Mr. Smith is running a negative campaign with untruths. That’s not leadership nor showing integrity. As for Mr. Smith bringing unity to the party, you can’t do that with a negative smear campaign. These people are dividing the party for their own vindictive personal vendettas.

Our records are open, but I was asked to provide copies of three years of checks, deposits, receipts and bank statements. That is unreasonable. Anyone can ask to look at the records, and I will be glad to help them.

The meetings are open except when an executive meeting is called.

The State Republican Chair did ask for Mr. Lester’s resignation, but he made it clear that it was at the request of Gov. Abbott and he was fine with Mr. Lester refusing to resign. Mr. Lester works very well with the Secretary of State, the State Republican Chair and the Texas Attorney General. Mr. Lester checked with the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Republican Chair to make sure every thing was done according to procedure with the censure. Mr. Brock needs to get his facts (not hearsay) straight before he puts untruths in print.

The censure was discussed at several meetings. Mr. Paddie was emailed several times to several emails to please come and talk to the executive board, and he refused. At the August 2, 2021, meeting Mr. Brock was very adamant to censure Mr. Paddie right then, but the board tabled the issue so to give Mr. Paddie another chance to come and talk to us.

Mr. Paddie refused. Then at the August 30, 2021 meeting, Mr. Brock all of a sudden abstained his vote. Now he wants to change the facts and is accusing the executive board of not using due process to Mr. Paddie. Really, Mr. Brock was the only precinct chair that pushed to censure Mr. Paddie at the August 2, 2021 meeting.

Now we see why! Abbott just appointed him the Sabine River Authority. Mr. Brock was bought and paid for by Gov. Abbott, to change try and change the truth about Mr. Lester and the Republican Party of Harrison County board.

Mr. Lester has put more time and money (not reimbursed) into the party that no one else has done nor will do. He has increased the number of active precinct chairs by 30 percent, brought back the Lincoln Day Dinner and brought the Party of the RED into the BLACK. Mr. Lester is very passionate about the Republican platform and works very hard to assure we follow the platform.

Apparently that offends some people.

Pamela Payne, Harrison County Republican Party Treasurer, Pct. 9 Chair