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Abbott not making all bad decisions

Recently Texas has been subject to many negative news comments. It started with not requiring masks, then the open carrying offirearms, then voting laws. The latest is the uproar about permitting abortiononly before the fetus has a heartbeat. The ruling has been made that an abortion is Constitutional before the fetus has a heartbeat.Some people think the Supreme Court has overstepped their authority and needs to be punished. That legally appointed Judges do not understand constitutional law. One would think an originalcourt decision is sacrosanct. That anoriginal ruling has never been reversed.

It is important to note that the Texas statute does not define when a heartbeat is first detected and the nature of the heartbeat. Opponents report that a heatbeat is first detected after six weeks. After six weeks a pulse beat, or type of heartbeat can be detected. A true heartbeat from a developed four chambered heart is generally first noted after some ten weeks. Ten weeks seems reasonable.

In 1973 when the Court legalized previously banned abortion that ruling was considered to bea correct interpretation of the constitution. Now the partial reversal of that ruling is considered to be an incorrect interpretation.Polls consistently show the majority question the desirability of abortion, except in cases of rape or incest. The vast majority question the validity of an abortion when the fetus is a living organism. But wait, a person, especially a woman, has the right to control their body. But wait, these are the same people who advocate that the Government have control over everyone’s body.They need to be logically consistent in their argument. If not having a child is a woman’s intent,she needs to be careful when she is intimate or abstain.A simple test once a month is an excellent indicator for the need of further abortion consultation. A responsible woman can definitely know if she is pregnant before ten weeks.

So, some people wring their hands and cry foul. Personally, I shout hooray, it is about time an old wrong has been righted. I have and do abide by Supreme Court decisions. They have but now don’t abide by Supreme Court decisions. They think their opinion is superior and any court that judges differently is wrong and politically motivated. Their egotistical conclusion reminds me of the person who has been educated beyond their intelligence.

Wallace Boersma


Wyndi Veigel is the editor of The Marshall News Messenger and a 2007 graduate of Texas A&M University-Commerce. She has been a reporter, photographer, page designer and social media expert for several publications.