Christus has terrific nursing staff led by Halcomb

Gentlemen, I was reading Sunday-Mondays edition on Sunday afternoon, May 10, and was impressed about your article about Teresa Halcomb and her nursing staff at Marshall Christus Good Shepherd.

I recently experienced her nursing staff when I was visiting Gail Beil in the hospital after she had broken her left leg last October. There were two nurses attending her and I was very impressed with their attitude and care as they ministered to Gail. They always told Gail what they were doing and why. I complimented them for their obvious TLC, especially to Gail. I also told them that my nursing experience three to five years ago when my wife, daughter and son had spent some time in the Good Shepherd Hospital was considerably different. The nurses then seemed indifferent and to me they didn’t seem to care about the patient. They weren’t rude, but just in and out as quickly as possible with little conversation.

Further, after I left Gail’s room, I passed several nurses in the corridor, several different days. They were not only friendly, but all had something nice to day and were conversational. Quite frankly I was stunned. I have never experienced that from any nurse for the past 70 years.

It is obvious to me that is what Ms. Halcomb has done with her nursing staff. They are friendly and loving caregivers. It is also obvious to me the Christus Good Shepherd is very lucky to have Teresa Halcomb on their staff. She understands what a loving, caring caregiver does for patients that need that type of caregiving.

Roy Jack McCarroll,

Leigh resident