Dear Editor,

Why is there no longer an open and functioning critical care unit as well as operating labor and delivery at Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center in Marshall?

Why did they close?

When patients arrive at the emergency room at Christus Marshall, by auto or ambulance, they are evaluated, stabilized, treated and discharged, or admitted to existing units for further care.

If the patient requires critical care treatment, he or she is transferred by ambulance to the critical care units in Longview or Shreveport. This happened to me in January 2020 after I was resuscitated at home, taken by ambulance to Christus Marshall’s ER, evaluated, stabilized, and taken by ambulance to Christus Good Shepherd Longview for admission to their Critical Care Unit. I was in critical condition and in a coma.

Fortunately I survived thanks to God’s grace, and excellent care by physicians and nurses! Marshall needs a full service medical center with open and functioning critical care and labor and delivery units!

The citizens deserve this medical care!

We attract new citizens to our community with job opportunities, schools that are good and a complete medical center.

— Edna M. Wotring,

retired registered nurse