Letters to the Editor Congratulations to ETBU Good Samaritans

Congratulations to George Carter and Gloria Moon for their Good Samaritan Awards presented by East Texas Baptist University.

I am so proud of them ... both are incredible human beings, friends to many and good citizens of Marshall and the world.

Too many people go through life without leaving a single footprint of positive change.

These efforts by two exemplary citizens of Marshall on behalf of the city they call home put them with the elite of the community who made a discernible difference and changed the landscape in a positive manner — Carolyn Abney, Audrey Kariel, Quentin and Mildred Carlile, James Farmer, Bill and Geraldine Mauthe, Janet Cook, LaDarius Carter, Bill Moyers ... and many others.

To all who live in Marshall and those that love the city ... I, as a former resident and one who calls Marshall my “second hometown,” thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of the city, for being true visionaries and for your individual determination to be positive change merchants in a world in which there are too few of your ilk.

Each of you are inspiring a new generation of change merchants and for that fact...the awards you received were well deserved.

— George S. Smith, Sutton, Arkansas