Defending the Truth of the Gospel

Dear Editor,

Nicholas Kristof, the liberal columnist for the New York Times wrote about Rev. Jim Wallis, a “progressive evengelical pastor, author, and activist” who shared his distorted, false interpretation of the Gospel of Christ. Rev. Wallis denies the virgin birth, the miracles, and the resurrection of Christ, all being foundations of the Christian faith. His denial of the Truth is certainly false teaching and hypocritical of a pastor.

First, the denial of the virgin birth of Christ and the miracles done by Christ is heresy and denial of the Truth of God’s Word and negates the Sovereignty and Omnipotence of God.

Secondly, The Good News of the Gospel is the salvation provided through Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and His resurrection, not the “good news to the poor” expounded by “white evangelicals”. We know Christ was Jewish and probably a darker skinned man.

Thirdly, Rev. Wallis sounds like a liberal, progressive politician rather than a man of God. Of course the Body of Christ does reach out to the least, the last, and the lost as Christ challenges us to do.

Fourthly, Rev. Wallis addresses the abortion issue with the usual political approach to this controversial and difficult issue and ignores the fact that abortion is basically murder of another human being. Choosing life always trumps choosing death!

Lastly, Rev. Wallis seems to discount the “personal relationship” with Christ and the gift of Faith provided by God Himself through the power of the Holy Spirit to draw men to salvation by Grace alone. He parlays “works” as the basis of Faith and puts his focus on voting rights, suppression and intimidation, and radicalized policing, Certainly we do “good works” as an extension of our salvation and our loving response to the admonition given by Christ (“Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not the things I say”.)

Let me close by saying that Rev. Wallis is welcome to embrace his own beliefs, but I find it a sad theology of a servant of God. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and defend our Faith as we see attack after attack on true Christians. I know the Bible teaches that “the gates of hell can’t stand against us.” Blessings to those who always seek the Truth and live the abundant life in Christ Jesus and battle the hypocrisy that even exists in the Church!

In His Service, Jim Bates

Marshall resident

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