I read with interest the editorial concerning Steve King by George Smith. In the eye of God no person, let alone a race, is superior to another, but we are different. My understanding is that Mr. King agrees. His contention is that our society is founded on white, Christian principles stemming from Western Europe. That is an irrefutable fact. It is not racist. You may not like this society, but you cannot deny that reality.

Mr. Smith likes to bandy undocumented words with a negative connotation. He likes to talk about the current divisive political climate and then does his best to contribute to it. If a fact is stated as a point of reference or foundation for consideration, it is not racist. It becomes racist if it is used as a negative point of reference or point of contention. It is interesting how a Republican can make a comment and they are nailed to a cross. Democratic leaders like Pelosi or Obama can make several major faux pas and get a pass. This trend first became obvious when LBJ said that Gerald Ford couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time (not the real quote). Later, since Dan Quayle misspelled potato, subsequent Republicans have been labeled stupid. The fact is, LBJ did not make it through law school and Ford received a JD from Yale. Quayle received his JD and had a successful law practice before entering politics. If King is far right, Smith is equally far left. Maybe they should both be censured.

Speaking of stating facts, Mr. Smith would state the Democratic Party is the party that supports black Americans. History states the opposite. Democrats bled and died to keep slavery. Republicans bled and died to set them free. Legislation supporting the rights of the Black citizen, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, was passed because of the support of the Republican Party over the staunch opposition of the Democrats. Even the decision to end school segregation was the result of a conservative Supreme Court.

I have on several occasions met Louie Gohmert and know people who are intimately acquainted with him. He is a knowledgeable and thoughtful person. His experience stems from several years in the military, practicing law, as a sitting judge and now as an elected congressman. The depth of his experience and formal training are impressive. On the other hand, Mr. Smith is and has been a journalist. I knew him when he was with The Marshall News Messenger. He has been trained to be clever with words. He is a classic example of a graduate from an ultra-liberal school of journalism. I am reminded of the comment of William Buckley, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other points of view and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view.” Or Thomas Jefferson who commented, “The man that reads nothing is better informed than the man that reads only the newspaper.”

— Wallace Boersma, Marshall