Hallsville ISD Bond proposal

I have seen a lot of change through the years especially in the growth of Hallsville ISD. We have grown over 900 students in the last ten years. We have approximately 300 transfers across grade levels.

This is very few when looking at a total enrollment of around 5,000 students. Currently, the administration has frozen all transfers. The district has outgrown building another school within the city due to space limitations and traffic congestion.

The land on Loop 281 was not bought as an investment, but was purchased for a future school. Based on a zoning study by HISD, a new elementary will serve approximately 800 students in the west section of the district.

The administration has researched this property for utilities already present, school zoning, and a study related to traffic in the area. High school students involved in extracurricular activities are bused to the current auditorium at the Junior High.

Instead of spending money to upgrade the existing auditorium, we need to build at the present High School. The financial climate is very positive at this time. The bond proposal is without a tax rate increase for the tax payer. If we do not pass this bond proposal, we will have more portable buildings, continued maintenance needs, inflation on new construction, tax rate on a future bond proposal could increase, and interest rates could also rise.

Now is the time to say “YES” on the 2019 Bond Proposal to help our students at Hallsville ISD.

Gary Lovelace, Hallsville resident