Protect pets in time of virus

I read the article in The Marshall News Messenger: “Pet Talk: Bathing our furry friends can reduce Covid-19 transmission” (March 29 issue). While it sounds incredible, it is a proven FACT that the Covid-19 coronavirus “jumped” from a human handler to several tigers at a Bronx, New York, ZOO. While this may sound incredible , and it is. However, it is very real. A disease transmitted from animals to humans is called zoonosis which does NOT mean it happened in a zoo. However, the inverse is also possible and already documented. Chinese Markets peddle exotic, weird, and even dangerous animals which are killed for food (including bats, which can carry rabies). However, innocent sick lions got dry coughs and pneumonia at the Bronx Zoo because they came into direct contact with a human handler.

It first infected ‘Nadia’ a 4 year old Malayan tiger and then sever other tigers got sick with coughing. In the nation of MALTA, near Italy, many feral cats running loose near zoos. Those zoos took the unusual step of chasing stray cats away from zoos since zookeepers were afraid the smaller cats might infect the larger big cats. I believe in both human and animal life and well-being. We must take precautions to help ourselves as humans, but also help animals. Special care will protect animals and humans.


James A. Marples, Longview

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