Information shared on health care at Christus

Dear Editor,

A recent letter to the editor asked why certain services like Critical Care and Labor and Delivery were no longer available in our Marshall hospital. It raised an excellent question and presents an opportunity to share more about the health care landscape today.

Providing access to care in rural areas is one of the greatest challenges facing health care today. Nearly half of all rural hospitals have closed in the past ten years, and Texas leads the way with 26 closures. And that was before COVID-19, which has created additional strain on already scarce resources. Fortunately, Christus Good Shepherd – Marshall is in a much better position than most to withstand these challenges.

As part of Christus we are able to share resources and leverage strengths throughout our ministries. We still have to make difficult choices in how we deploy those resources to best deliver quality care to the communities we serve. Decisions about which services to offer are, without question, the most difficult to make because we truly understand what they mean. What I can promise you is that those decisions are always made with quality patient care at the forefront and in close collaboration with our physician partners.

While many smaller communities want the most robust healthcare services available, it is not always supported, and patients increasingly choose to seek care at hospitals in larger, nearby cities. Unfortunately, some of our service lines have suffered from this same effect. Over time, this pattern undermines the ability of a rural hospital to offer some of the services we are discussing today.

Christus Good Shepherd has called Marshall home for more than 100 years. Our connection to this town runs deep, and we love that our Marshall community shares this passion with us. We need your help now to keep health care local and keep your Marshall hospital strong. Many specialties and physicians continue to be available right here– emergency care, surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, ear nose and throat, gastroenterology, breast center, rehabilitation and more. Support Marshall by choosing hometown care. This is your hospital. And the more people who choose Christus Good Shepherd — Marshall, the more services we can offer right here at home.

Brett Kinman, Administrator,

Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center — Marshall