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Ever since Lynden Johnson said Gerald Ford could not chew gum and walk at the same time, Republicans have been dumb and Democrats have been brilliant. Actually, Gerald Ford had graduated from Michigan and earned his JD from Yale when Johnson couldn’t make it in some rinky-dink law school. George Smith is a member of the Johnson school of thought. He likes to pretend he is a Republican because he ran in a district where a Democrat had no chance of being elected. He writes a whole article about how dumb Louie Gohmert is because he doesn’t agree with George. I don’t know what liberal art school George went to, but Gohmert earned his degree from Texas A&M and his JD from Baylor. He went on to serve a successful tour in the Army and then opened a private practice. He then became Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals. He chose to run for the office of U.S. Representative for East Texas. He roundly defeated the incumbent office holder. The voters have reelected Louie eight more times, always with a resounding majority. If he is so dumb, so are the majority of East Texans.

When Louie was first elected, he was financially comfortable, but not wealthy. Now, 18 years later he is financially comfortable, but not wealthy. What a refreshing comment to make about a Washington politician. He and his wife decided it would be best for his daughters to be raised in the stable environment of East Texas rather than in the hustle and bustle of Washington. When possible, he flew home each weekend to be with his family. He lived in his office for those 18 years. The money he saved helped pay for his weekly airfare. What kind of a man makes that sacrifice for the benefit of his family? His weekend stays in East Texas also let him actively keep in touch with his constituents. Getting out of the Washington scene was a definite cathartic.

He has also maintained one of the most active office staffing of any congressional district. His constituent requests and questions are efficiently and promptly replied to and assisted. His staff has also kept him informed as to the interests and needs of the people of East Texas. He truly represents the people back home.

Mr. Smith enumerates several of the dumb things he thinks Louie Gohmert has done. In the interest of redundancy only three are considered. Mr. Gohmert is aware that population is a major factor in pollution and also that three or four countries are the major contributors to global pollution. Not the United States. He is skeptical of the need of wholesale changes to combat global warming, which is now referred to as climate change. Reflecting the views of the people who elected him, he has opposed massive government spending to subsidizing the otherwise uneconomical expansion of solar panels and windmills. And for example, the $500 million wasted on a solar research company. He knows there are ample reserves of fossil fuels to permit an orderly conversion to an alternate energy source. We are currently paying the price for an impetuous rush into questionable solutions. Mr. Gohmert has displayed a prudent and reasonable opposition to wasteful governmental spending to work on obvious shortcomings that need to be addressed and solved.

Mr. Gohmert has consistently been opposed to the wholesale admission of illegal aliens across the border of Mexico into Texas. He knows the influx of undocumented people that have availed themselves of government financial assistance and who have demanded that we adopt a second language is not beneficial to the people in his district.

Finally, there is the emotional question of abortion. As a believing Christian and again reflecting the opinion of his constituents, he opposes abortion but acknowledges the need of leniency. He supports the permission to have an abortion, but not after the period which the fetus can live outside of the womb.

It is obvious that Louie Gohmert is a man of strong, considered convictions that are in tune with the people who have voted him into office. His views and political stance are in direct conflict with George Smith. Is one right and the other wrong? Who knows, but it is not reasonable to call either one of them dumb. However, is it necessary to rant on and on because someone’s opinion is different than yours?

Wallace G. Boersma, Marshall

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