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Isn’t it odd? COVID tallies quit, just as virus surges again?

Like many people in the Marshall area, when Covid-19 first broke news headlines, there was almost a daily briefing, a daily tally of positive cases, a daily tally of recoveries, and sadly, a daily tally of deaths attributed to the coronavirus.

Then, when mid- Spring came and mask-mandates were lifted since a sizable number of people were vaccinated, the daily tallies seemed to vanish overnight.

Why? I realize that most people (including myself) had bouts of “Covid news fatigue”, however, that didn’t mean that all news reporting should stop. As I type this, I had to use Google which states that Texas has had (to date) 3.06 million cases and 53,120 deaths. That is equivalent to two towns the size of Marshall being wiped-out by death.

That’s still serious numbers. Nationwide, America has lost 610 ,000 people to death. That is almost equal to the population of Oklahoma City today, roughly 643,000. We, as a nation, mourned the 168 people killed in the OKC bombing back in the year 1995, I hope Americans won’t get jaded. The numbers still rise. Stay safe.

— James A. Marples, Longview resident

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